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U61T lsd diff options

Discussion in 'Mitsubishi Minicab' started by siren676, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. siren676

    siren676 New Member

    Trying to source an LSD for my U61T, from my research U61/62T/W/V Minicab/Town box and U71/72T/W/V Nissan Clipper are the same but they seem to be hard to come by even on yahoo japan auctions.
    Tried amayama for a new oem one and dont fancy paying $1500 for a new or aftermarket center.

    Does anyone know if the diffs are shared with other brands/older models? I'm happy to import another open diff and swap another center section into the minicab ring gear.

  2. Patrick Brathwaite

    Patrick Brathwaite New Member

    Hard not to notice the similarities between the Suzuki Carry Truck and what we own.
  3. Patrick Brathwaite

    Patrick Brathwaite New Member

  4. siren676

    siren676 New Member

    I did see the traction concept kit but I'm skeptical that it'd provide anywhere near the locking capability of a multi plate clutch type lsd.

    I might import another open diff and do some measuring of the housing bolt pattern and axle splines to see if anything else will work.

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