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Tune up, Timing belt & Water Pump

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Gregkabob, May 27, 2008.

  1. siddho

    siddho New Member

    hi ...would you let me know where you bought the parts....

    thank you
  2. entz_fire

    entz_fire New Member

    many surplus kie car parts are available here in the philippines.
  3. Gregkabob

    Gregkabob Member

  4. active284

    active284 New Member

    torque specs

    Hi everyone-

    Great helpful thread! Wondered if by chance somebody could provide the related torque specs for all the fastners required to change these out.

    I have tried and tried but cannot seem to find specifics for camshaft bolt and the like.

    We are trying to do this and are nervous about over/under toquing.

  5. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Go to minitrucksupply.com , left side of page and click on resource page.
    Should be able to find the info. you need.
  6. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    can't seem to acess the resource page....need to register ,but that doesn't work...am I missing something
  7. Greg n TN

    Greg n TN New Member


    Can you forward the ordering info for the parts you purchased? I just picked up a carry and need to clean/replace everything needed for a good tuneup. My adx is gcombs@isrgroup.com

  8. Greg n TN

    Greg n TN New Member

    Pictures & notes are great! Was just introduced to the mini truck world this month, and it's good to see pictures and hear 'lessons learned' before tearing things apart.

    Thank you,
  9. wreck

    wreck Member

    I had a local shop do this for me yesterday. It feels like I lost 20% of my HP. It starts & runs fine but seems really slow. Is it possible they were off a tooth when the put it back together?
  10. jackpan

    jackpan New Member

    06141-611-305 80 za 19 80t square life 0.36l ea 1972-1977
    14400-611-004 tn 0.36l tn360e 1972-1977
    06141-634-305 84 za 19 84t square civic 1.2l eb1 1973-1975
    06141-642-305 87 za 19 87t square acty 0.55l eh 1977-1985
    06141-ph9-305 88 za 19 88t square today 0.55l eh 1985-1986
    06141-673-305 92 za 19 92t square civic 1.2l ee 1975-1978
    06141-657-305 94 za 19 94t square civic 1.5l ed 1973-1975
    06141-657-306 95 za 19 95t square accord 1.6l ef 1976-1978
    14400-653-024 accord 1.6l ep 1980-1983
    14400-657-024 accord 1.8l ek 1979-1983
    civic 1.3l ej 1978-1983
    civic 1.5l ed 1975-1979
    civic 1.5l em 1979-1983
    06141-pc0-305 97 za 19 97t square city 1.2l er 1981-1986
    06141-679-306 87 mr 19 87t round acty 0.55l eh 1985-1988
    14401-mn5-004 88 mr 17 88t round gold wing 1.5l (6 cyl.) sc22e 1988-
    06141-ph9-306 88 mr 19 round today 0.55l eh 1986-1988
    06141-pe3-305 101 rii 24 101t round ballade 1.3l ev 1983-1987
    14400-pe0-004 ballade 1.5l ew 1983-1987
    14400-pe3-004 civic 1.3l ev 1983-1987
    civic 1.5l ew 1983-1987
    cr-x 1.3l ev 1983-1987
    cr-x 1.5l ew
    integra 1.5l ew 1986-1989
    quint integra 1.5l ew 1986-1989

    06141-pk1-305 107 rii 24 107t round prelude 2.0l b20a 1987-1991
    06141-pc6-305 108 mr 24 108t round accord 1.6l ey 1983-1985
    14400-pc6-004 accord 1.8l es 1983-1985
    14400-pd2-004 accord/vigor 1.8l a18a 1985-1989
    accord/vigor 2.0l a20a 1987-1989
    06141-pg6-305 129 mr 24 129t round civic 1.6l zc 1984-1987
    14400-pg6-004 cr-x 1.6l zc 1984-1987
    14400-pg6-014 quint integra 1.6l zc 1985-1989
    06141-ph3-305 133 rii 24 133t round accord/vigor 1.8l b18a 1985-1989
    14400-ph3-004 accord/vigor 2.0l b20a 1985-1989
    prelude 2.0l b20a 1985-1989
    13405-paa-a01 70 rii 16 70t round accord/ascot 1.8l f18a 1989-
    13405-paa-a010-m1 accord 1.8l f18b 1993-
    13405-paa-a02 accord/ascot 2.0l f20a 1989-
    13405-pto-004 accord 2.0l f20b 1993-
    accord 2.2l f22b 1993-
    accord 2.2l h22a 1993-
    ascot 2.3l h23a 1992-
    inspire 2.0l g20a 1989-
    odyssey 2.2l f22b 1994-
    prelude 2.2l f22b 1991-
    prelude 2.2l h22a 1991-
    06141-pj7-305 98 rii 22 98t round city 1.2l d12a 1986-1988
    06141-ps4-305 98 rii 24 98t round city 1.2l d12a 1988-
    14400-ps4-004 city 1.3l d13c 1988-
    06141-pn4-305 99 rii 26 99t round acty 0.55l e05a 1988-1991
    14400-pn4-004 street 0.55l e05a 1988-1991
    today 0.55l e05a 1987-1990
    06141-p1a-305 101 rii 26 101t round acty 0.66l e07a 1990-
    06141-pz1-305 today 0.66l e07a 1990-
    14400-p7a-004 103 rii 22 103t round logo 1.3l d13b
    06141-p08-305 103 rii 24 103t round civic 1.3l d13b 1995-
    14400-p08-004 civic 1.5l d15b 1991-
    14400-p1g-e01 cr-x delsol 1.5l d15b 1992-
    14400-p2a-004 domani 1.5l d15b 1994-
    06141-p28-305 104 rii 24 104t round civic 1.6l zc 1993-
    14400-p1h-e01 civic coupe 1.6l d16a 1993-
    14400-p28-004 cr-x delsol 1.6l d16a 1995-
    14400-p2e-004 domani 1.6l zc 1992-
    14400-p2f-a01 integra 1.6l zc 1993-
    06141-pm3-305 106 rii 24 106t round civic 1.3l d13b 1987-
    14400-pm3-004 civic 1.5l d15b 1987-
    concerto 1.5l d15b 1988-1992
    cr-x 1.5l d15b 1987-1992
    06141-pm6-305 107 rii 24 107t round civicc 1.6l zc 1987-
    14400-pm6-004 concerto 1.6l zc 1988-1992
    domani 1.6l zc 1992-
    integra 1.6l zc 1989-
    06141-p0a-305 112 rii 24 112t round accord 2.2l f22b 1993-
    14400-p0a-004 accord(coupe/wagon) 2.2l f22b 1994-
    06141-pv0-305 113 rii 21 113t round ascot 2.0l g20a 1993-
    06141-pv1-305 inspire/vigor 2.0l g20a 1989-
    14400-pv0-004 inspire/vigor 2.5l g25a 1992-
    14400-pv1-004 savor 2.0l g20a 1995-
    savor 2.5l g25a 1995-
    06141-pt0-305 113 rii 24 113t round accord/ascot 1.8l f18a 1989-
    14400-p45-g01 accord 1.8l f18b 1993-
    14400-pt0-004 accord/ascot 2.0l f20a 1989-
    accord 2.0l f20b 1993-
    accord coupe 2.2l f22a 1992-
    accord wagon 2.2l f22a 1991-
    odyssey 2.2l f22b 1994-
    06141-pk2-305 124 rii 24 124t round civic 1.6l zc 1987-
    06141-pm7-305 concerto 1.6l zc 1988-1992
    14400-pk2-004 cr-x 1.6l zc 1987-
    14400-pk3-004 prelude 2.0l b20a 1987-1991
    06141-pr3-305 124 rii 26 124t round civic 1.6l b16a 1989-
    14400-p2t-004 cr-x 1.6l b16a 1989-
    14400-p2tx-0040 cr-x delsol 1.6l b16a 1992-
    14400-pr3-004 integra 1.6l b16a 1989-1993
    06141-pr4-305 125 rii 26 125t round cr-v 2.0l b20b 1995-
    14400-p7j-004 domani 1.8l b18b 1992-
    14400-pr4-004 integra 1.8l b18b 1991-
    14400-pr4-a01 orthia 1.8l b18b 1996-
    orthia 2.0l b20b 1996-
    06141-pt2-305 126 rii 24 126t round accord/ascot 2.0l f20a 1989-
    14400-pt2-004 prelude 2.2l f22b 1991-
    06141-p72-305 126 rii 26 126t round integra 1.8l (l4) b18c 1993-
    06141-p14-305 127 rii 24 127t round ascot 2.3t h23a 1992-
    14400-p0g-a01 192 rii 24 192t round accord 2.7l (v6)
    06141-ph7-305 192 rii 28 192t round legend 2.0l c20a 1985-1990
    14400-ph7-004 legend 2.5l c25a 1985-1987
    14400-ph7-014 legend 2.7l c27a 1987-1990
    06141-py3-305 196 rii 28 196t round inspire 3.2l g32a 1995-
    14400-py3-004 legend 3.2l c32a 1990-
    savor 3.2l c32a 1995-
    06141-p5a-305 197 rii 24 197t round legend 3.5l c35a 1996-
    06141-pr7-305 241 rii 28 241t round nsx 3.0l c30a 1990-
    06141-p13-305 155 yii 24 155t round accord 2.2l h22a 1993-
    14400-p13-004 prelude 2.2l h22a 1991-
    14400-p8a-a010-m2 197 yii 26 197t round
  11. Des

    Des New Member

    Just to let you know, your post is still helping people.

    Changed the timing belt, tensioner and re-sealed the dip stick tube this afternoon on my truck.

    There wasn't room for an impact gun on the pulley on my truck, but a thin strap wrench and a ratchet did the job.
  12. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    Great post! I can't get anywhere with the link either?
    And how did you get the radiator out? Just remove the fan and the bolts and drop it out the bottom?
    What about an electric fan?
  13. A.A

    A.A New Member

    What do I need to do to see the pictures?
    They are blocked.
  14. harley rose

    harley rose Member

    I'm not 100% BUT I think photo bucket went belly up & took all pics with them.
    I read this entire post to see if these were collision engins, ZERO TOLLARANCE is another way to say the same thing. Can anyone confrim that they are ??
  15. KCCats

    KCCats Member

    I believe it is an interference motor
  16. harley rose

    harley rose Member

    AND yet a 3rd way to say it :) Thanks
  17. Pasta

    Pasta Member

    I've never physically checked, but numerous people that would know agree they are interference, collision, etc engines. Plenty of people have bent up their valves when their timing belt broke, so that pretty much confirms it.
  18. harley rose

    harley rose Member

    I would say so....Has there been any conscience on what age/mileage your pushing your luck ?? I mean, after all, I only have 35000 Km BUT it is 24Y/O. SO I'm sure that it should be changed out..... The book probably maxes out at 10Years LOL...
  19. harley rose

    harley rose Member

    It also appears the parts supplier / sponsor mentioned in this post has also gone South...
  20. Pasta

    Pasta Member

    I just found out how to view the pics! Apparently photobucket isn't belly up (yet, they probably will be soon because of this stunt). They're now extorting users to the tune of $400/year for third party hosting. Eff that.

    So, I found out that you can still see the photos with the Chrome browser once you download a free extension. Just install or open your Chrome browser, google search for "Chrome photobucket fix", and click on the Chrome link in the results. Just click on add extension and reload this page. Presto! You can now see all of the photobucket pics. On my phone I can only see the photos if I open each one in a new tab, but on my laptop they show in the thread like normal. I'm going to save all of the photos with the instructions in case they go away completely.

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