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Trouble shoot no fire at coil wire

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by Samchevy52, Mar 5, 2017.


how to trouble electronic components on this model U15 mitsini

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  1. Samchevy52

    Samchevy52 New Member

    Hi I put in a water pump for a friend on a model U15 Mitsubishi mini truck the battery was dead so I charged it when I was installing the water pump . When I started it it was idling to slow to stay running. After setting the idle up it would still shut off after a short time so I kept playing with the idle causing it to be to fast or die then it would not start at all or hit. After a short check I found no fire at the coil wire but the neg and pos sides had fire . I tried a good coil of my tractor with no change . I feel it could be the Hall effects switch or stator but I have no info on proceedures to check them and the control module. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated ! Also how do I tell the year on this truck

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