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transporting a Sambar

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by David Dannenberg, Mar 11, 2021.

  1. David Dannenberg

    David Dannenberg New Member

    My "new" 1995 Sambar will arrive in port tomorrow. I hope to pick it up next week. My Ford Flex can pull a Uhaul car trailer with a Sambar on it, but I think the Flex bumper would drag on the ground on account of the tongue weight. We pull a 4-5000 camper with no problem-- but it has a weight distributing hitch; the Uhaul car trailer does not.

    Uhaul wants a heck of a lot to rent a truck to pull their trailer--$20 for the truck morphs into $200 due to milage (250) or some other reason.

    I can rent one of their box trucks pretty cheaply, and the Sambar would fit inside OK and would not exceed the weight capacity of the truck. Would this work? How would I tie the Sambar down?

    Any other good ideas on how I can retrieve this thing?


  2. H34Choctaw

    H34Choctaw New Member

    Tell you what I did last month when I bought a 1990 Sambar dumpbed. I got a Uhaul 6x12 double axle without the ramp. I brought along two ramps I use for changing the oil in my cars. The trailer has a short 12" or so high rear gate, so I just lowered the gate, put the ramps down in front of the Sambar and drove it all the way forward to distribute the weight nicely ta 60/40 weight ratio. Having a trailer with break assist was VERY handy going up and down the hills of north Georgia. I towed it with a 2019 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L RWD double cab no problem. Not having the larger rear ramp version of the 6x12 trailer gives you an extra 500 lbs capacity according the Uhaul web site. The cost was $35 for a 24 hr period.

    If you need a vehicle to tow it, Enterprise has a specialty truck division that will rent F-150's with tow packages for around $100 with unlimited mileage. You have to call them to ask where the closest one to you is.
  3. David Dannenberg

    David Dannenberg New Member

    Thanks. That was my initial thought--use a cargo trailer. Side clearances look tight though.

    Anyway, my main problem is tongue weight, not pull weight. Any idea what the tongue weight is on one of those things. Flex is low to begin with and does not have load springs.

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