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TITLE for on road use

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Bosco rosco, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Bosco rosco

    Bosco rosco New Member

    This is a round about way of obtaining a clear title for your mini truck. It can be done. Many states do not require title for older trucks but provide a "certificate of reqistration" by which you can obtain plates & registration. One must be a resident of that state. If you have a relative or trustworthy friend in one of those states it is "possible" to sell them your mini truck on paper obtaining a "certificate of registration" which can be resold back to you where you can go to your motor vechile agency and obtain a clear title. Most states accept the certificate of registration when issuing this new title. It will allow you to obtain plates for public road use. This process cost me $400 in fees. You will need a bill of sales, NOTERIZED. One for your selling the mini truck and another for your friend/relative to sell back the truck to you. Picture of vin number. New registration certificate. Different names on registration and your purchase will prove to be helpful. The state may require insurance policy ... simply purchase the minium coverage and cancel ASAP.
    in all states! Good luck.
    Check states requirements for title and reqistration requirements. This may not work in your location!
  2. supero-deluxo-san

    supero-deluxo-san New Member

    Getting mine tagged this week. My friend has had his tagged for months. We live in oklahoma.
  3. supero-deluxo-san

    supero-deluxo-san New Member

    Not doing it that way but just calling the otc and telling them whats uo they fax your tag agency u drive it there and they hiok it up
  4. snakedoc

    snakedoc New Member

    In Alabama all you need is a bill of sales cost 50 to get mine tagged
  5. Bosco rosco

    Bosco rosco New Member

    Some states are easy to title, with just a bill of sale. Many others require a more complicated process where you must show that your Sambar was "legally reqistered" in another state. How you get the certificate of registration does not matter. Just a Bill of Sale will not do it in most states! I live in one of them and had to go the route described above. As to insurance I used GIECO. Don't tell them anything more than what they ask. Liability costs me $450/year (NJ). Good luck Mini Truckers! o_O
  6. ozarkman

    ozarkman Member

    I'm trying to buy liability insurance and the underwriters (at Safeco) insist on a VIN. My '99 Mits doesn't have an actual VIN, only a model number and chassis number. No title either, only a Bill of Sale from the dealer. My agent is trying, but obtaining coverage is very uncertain at this point.
  7. Bosco rosco

    Bosco rosco New Member

    Mini vin numbers can be a combination of model, chassis and engine serial number. This number on my Subaru Samber is on the passenger side door flame at the floor. Was not able to made a rubbing but took a picture and it was accepted. If you can find this plate all is good! The bill of sale needs to have the same vin number. Your seller should be able to provide this. I obtained insurance via Geico with no problems. Be sure not to tell them its a mini truck or right hand drive. Also they do not like any altererations that are not stock. What you do later is up to you. Only give basic information. Good luck!
  8. ozarkman

    ozarkman Member

    I located the ID plate on the passenger side door frame awhile back, so I'll take a photo and send it to my agent. In my state (AR), no license tag or title is required to drive it on any road with a speed limit of 55 mph or less, as long as it isn't driven on an Interstate highway or limited-access highway. Minitrucks are considered to be farm implements here, which, like tractors, can be driven on public roads. Nevertheless, since I drive my mini all over a three-county area, I want liability insurance in case I do damage to someone's Mercedes (or anything else). My agent is asking about insuring it as a farm implement as well, but I haven't heard back yet. He's a multiple-lines agent, so he should be able to find one of those companies to insure it.
    If I do something wrong out there and get pulled over, the first thing the officer will want to see is proof of insurance. Driving without it invites a hefty fine, even though dozens of LEOs from local sheriff's deputies to city police to State Troopers have seen me out there, even following me. So I'd rather have insurance even if nothing else is required to drive my mini — I only wish it weren't so difficult to buy.

    VANDEEZY11 New Member

    What part of Oklahoma? I just bought a mini today and am getting it tagged tomorrow
  10. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    NY accepted an expired NH transferable registration, bill of sale, a certified scale weight, and chassis # rubbing to get my '94 mits plated. I have a title and registration with that short VIN. Insurance through State Farm wasn't an issue on my end, not sure what hoops my agency may have had to jump through. I added side marker lights and reflectors but that was not questioned at registration.
  11. juzeefur

    juzeefur New Member

    Hello. Is this true??
  12. ozarkman

    ozarkman Member

    I was able to buy liability insurance but not without fudging the VIN (which really doesn't exist in the form we're accustomed to). My agent added some zeros to provide the correct number of digits and got it done. Tagging my mini is not an issue here because they not even obtainable (so I'm told), and I can drive it anywhere in the state except Interstate highways. It's great not having to pay personal property taxes on it like I do on my other vehicles that are required to be tagged. It's my main vehicle as well as my favorite.
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  13. dragstriptrash

    dragstriptrash New Member

    Yes I tagged my subaru last week in Alabama
  14. NefariousYellow

    NefariousYellow New Member

    I just tagged and insured my 89 Sambar in Maryland. The previous owner had already registered it in Maryland so it was a breeze. I got historic tags for it, so it didn't need to pass state inspection. And I got a Antique/Classic insurance policy from State Farm. Only $13 a month for full coverage. You need to maintain insurance in order to avoid getting fined in Maryland.
  15. Sweedfire86

    Sweedfire86 New Member

    I am curious about your situation. I also live in NY and I want to buy a mini truck to get around town. When you registered and insured the vehicle did you get standard plates? Is it now considered road legal?
  16. Fuji

    Fuji New Member

    hi, I noticed you are in New Jersey – so am I. I have a mini truck with no title. Anyone know if I can use a bill of sale or certificate of registration in NJ? I just need to get a new title. My father bought the truck from a friend before he passed away. I inherited it. Any information would be very helpful.

  17. gmillioni

    gmillioni New Member

  18. Forgottenplayer

    Forgottenplayer New Member

    How do you obtain a Certificate of Registration? I have the export Certificate and the Homeland security Certificate. County clerk will not give me s title for it.
  19. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Idaho tags them as ATVs, which you can drive on any road except State Highways. Which torques me a bit, since if I had a non street league motorcycle, all I would have to do is add the required road safety equipment, (lights, turn signal brake light, and horn), and they will give you a title and plates.

    For insurance I ended up with Progressive, all we had to do was add trailing zeros and a 1 to get the length right, so the computer would take it.
  20. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Active Member

    What state are you talking about?
  21. SteveBW

    SteveBW New Member

    Looks like he is in the same state I'm in, Mississippi, I'm having problems as well.
  22. jpaul70631

    jpaul70631 Member

    In Louisiana, my paperwork from the Japanese seller did not include a bill of sale. I had to swear an affidavit in front of a Justice of the Peace to get a court-issued record of ownership.
  23. SteveBW

    SteveBW New Member

    State Farm put mine down as a "Mississippi Dune Buggy/UTV" Come to think of it I always wanted a dune buggy!

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