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Discussion in 'Parts Sales' started by nightair 98, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. nightair 98

    nightair 98 Member

    I have 155x80x13 or 165x80x13 or 175X80X13 in mud tires
    good aggressive tread. Brand new 40.00each cALL ME 4403154149
  2. cooner

    cooner New Member

    just recieved a set of these tires, same price as a atv tire and will last a lot longer for on the road use. But also have good aggressive tread that lets me manuever well offroad as well . Best tires i was able to find and i did a lot of looking. just hope he can always find these because i would definitaly buy again. One heck of a improvement over the original mud and snow tires that were on the truck when i got it.
  3. nightair 98

    nightair 98 Member

    Thannks my man

    I am gald your happy with them. And no I can't get any more once these are gone thats It.
  4. volkswagen50

    volkswagen50 Member

    Any pics? Post one here if you can
  5. nightair 98

    nightair 98 Member

    send me your email and I will forward pics to you

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