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Tires For Sale

Discussion in 'Parts Sales' started by mjseiler, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. mjseiler

    mjseiler New Member

    Carlisle All Trails 23 x 8 x 12 tires only. Almost as "New" as you can get. I used for one weekend burned 3/4 tank of gas running on them. I am an individual not a dealer. They just won't work for me! My farm is all gravel roads and these baby's throw the rocks! What I do like about them is really great tough looking "Curb Appeal", great for hard pack, grass, feilds, black top great ride, also good traction in mud.....I have no idea about Clay (red)? I paid $260.44 plus shipping $60.00 Total $320.44 I'll take $220.00 FIRM You can pick up in New Orleans (Zip 70123) or buyer pays shipping. Thanks Mike
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