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tires and wheels for mini truck

Discussion in 'Parts Sales' started by ace cutter, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. ace cutter

    ace cutter Member

    brand new itp ss polished and black with 30 inch x 8 " x 14" tires itp mud lite xxl you willnot get stuck with these tires they dig,i will take 1st $ 1000.00 and set of adaptors,spacers alone were 97.00 dollars each ,i will through them in approximately 4 miles on tires will ship c.o.d.
  2. wade

    wade New Member

    30 inch tires

    How well does your truck turn those tires?
  3. ace cutter

    ace cutter Member

    turning big tires

    the truck handles the tires great turns with no scrubbing ,truch has 8" lift,and all the running gear (motor and trans ,front end has been dropped just like you would a full size chevy 2500 hd, the problem with these tires is the lugs are so far apart ,at slow speed they shake the steering wheel,i will use these for mud only i have put 26" carlisle tires on 12" rims for every day fun and road riding ,now rides smooth as babys bottom

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