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Tire options?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by AnthonyMoth, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. steelyron

    steelyron Member

    I am now running the 13"x5.5 wheels and Winterforce tires that are available at:


    Prior to that I had the ITP wheels and Carlisle All Trail. I do most of my running on paved roads, dirt and gravel roads, and logging trails in the mountains of West Virginia. I found the Carlisle was very noisy on paved roads and vibrated at about 70kph on paved roads. They were great in heavy mud and on trails.

    I'd recommend both the tires and wheels from John at Ulmer Farm Service. He is very much up to date on tire options.
  2. AnthonyMoth

    AnthonyMoth New Member

  3. Colin

    Colin Member

    Nokian Hakkapeliitta? Those are awesome. :eek:
  4. ssmusicman

    ssmusicman Member

    Steel rims? Which ones cross over

    Wondering what domestic vehicles have steel rims with the 4x110mm pattern that would mount onto the Daihatsu's? Is there a 7" steel rim that cross' over with the right offset?

  5. frostback

    frostback Member

    One car with 4x110 is first generation Mazda RX7
  6. ky hillbilly

    ky hillbilly Member

    i just bought a set of mazda wheels 13 inch they fit the rear fine but the hole in the center is to small to go on the front . same as the wheels off of my rhino. they like about 4mm fitting the front hub. i found some 14 inch itp alum or steel that will fit if the offset and the lugs will work but they are 60 to 70 per wheel .... o well......i think i will cut the center hole out and try that on the mazda wheels............
  7. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    I've had to have the opening enlarged on wheels at a machine shop B4. Not a big deal unless they have tires mounted. Good Luck.

  8. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    I had the hub opening on one wheel enlarged at a machine shop with the tire on it. But it cost me $70.

  9. nightair 98

    nightair 98 Member

    rear end lock

    Does anyone know how we can line lock the rear ends, Do they make a kit
    or a spool or do we jus thave weld them together and keep them off road.
    I am not have in any luck getting mine legal for the road OSP willnot let me
    drive them on the road in Ohio. I can" teven get Giego the littel green lizard
    to insure them. Where can we get Insurance for these things. Thanks
  10. nightair 98

    nightair 98 Member

    I have mud and snow tires brand new with stickers onthem. can send you picks. size
    155x80x13 or 165x80x13 or 175x80x13 big lugs. Dot approved. 25.00 each. Thanks Randy
  11. Archer-Andy

    Archer-Andy Member

    Can you post some pics of the different tires. I am trying to find some mud terrain type truck tires without going to an ATV tire.
  12. nightair 98

    nightair 98 Member

    can't post a picture on this web site without a link and home page.I don't have a home page if you send your email with your question to me on a private message I can forward some picks Thanks Randy
  13. nightair 98

    nightair 98 Member

    I have brand new tires with stickers still on them. 155x80x13 or 165x80x13 or 175x80x13
    send me your email and I can send picks Thanks
  14. AnthonyMoth

    AnthonyMoth New Member

    I took the liberty of posting them for you nightair. I think they are exactly what we've been looking for!



  15. AnthonyMoth

    AnthonyMoth New Member

    I only hope you can get more! :)
  16. LAZ 1

    LAZ 1 New Member

    I stopped by my friendly local tire shop this weekend, looking for some "Gnarly" street legal Mud and Snow tires for my 92 Daihatsu Hijet. This shop is a BIG, full service tire shop, with hundreds of used rims and tires in inventory, as well as the usual new stuff. They also like to fool around with special projects, and have helped me out before, with my SOA lifted Suzuki Samurai [ 30" Mud Terrains] and with my 4X4 Toyota LE van [ 27"x8.50 R 14" Mud Terrains ]. They did the tires and the wheel alignments for these two rather unusual beasties, and I had many trouble free miles on and off road with their help.

    I already have new 12" street legal tires on the Hijet [ here in Canada we can drive our KEI trucks on the hiway, so most of our KEIs already have street legal tires on them, to pass federal import and provincial licensing inspections ]. These tires are not particularly agressive, but I have already successfully tested them in snow, in 2WD and 4WD, and at highway speeds [ over 110 KPH ]. They handle surprisingly well around corners too.

    These particular tires are
    145/80 Marshall KR11 Steel belted radials.

    I was not limiting myself to 12" tires, and even had a set of near new BFG AT 27"X8.50" R 14" tires in the box of the hijet, which just came off my last Toyota 4X4 van, just in case they might have a set of 14" rims to fitthe Hijet's 110 MM 4 bolt pattern.

    What a disappointment.

    Not only did they not have 14" rims to fit but they didn't have any 13" rims either.

    they could not help me with a high tread Mud and Snow tire in 12" or 13" .
    Apparently, new M&S tires, in 12" and 13", are now being made with much finer tread patterns. They suggested that if I wanted "Gnarly" 12" or 13" tires, I'd have to look around for someone with OLD stock.

    I guess I'm left with no alternative, but to cram those 14" BFG ATs on to the Hijet.
    can anyone out there cross reference the 110 MM 4 bolt pattern Hijet to some other brand [ ? import car? ] with a 13" rim?
    Larry Z
  17. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    I did some looking for you. It appears that the orginal 79-84 Mazda RX7 had a 4-110mm bolt pattern and came with 13" x 5.5" rims. 12mm x 1.5 lugs and a medium +20 offset, Center Bore size unknown.
  18. ky hillbilly

    ky hillbilly Member

    i just bought a set of those wheels the center hole is to small on the front they fit the rear fine they set out about 1 inch wider i am going to cut the hole out and try them. also itp makes a 14inch aluminum that will fit i had a dealer measure the center hole it will fit thanks.........
  19. 4Wheelin

    4Wheelin Member

    I run the 25" Maxxis Bighorns which are a great tire for mud and hardpack trail. THey are a 6 ply and I run 14 lbs in the front and 10 in the rear. Love em! I can still play and sling it around if I want and when I put in 4x4, they will not break traction if I do not want them too.

    Here is a pick before I had it camo'd. It has the 25's on ITP Type 7 wheels.

  20. Caleb Roth

    Caleb Roth Member

    Hey Randy I love those BF Goodricch tires for 25.00 each I would love to buy a set of four. Whoever can sell them please PM me so we can get the ball rolling, my current tires are bald so I would do whatever necessary to get a set of those on my mini.

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