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Tip/crosswind sensitivity

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by KleinerMuck, May 15, 2011.

  1. KleinerMuck

    KleinerMuck New Member

    Anthill did ask me to translate a tip from a german Domingo/Libero forum for this forum:
    If the crosswind senitivity seems to be too high for your Domingo/Libero, you should check the rubber bushing in the middle of the front axle. Right there in the middle of the axle you can see a lever where the track rods are mounted to. This lever is mounted to the front axle in a rubber bushing which might be worn out. By replacing this rubber bushing the crosswind sensitivity can be significantly reduced.

    But let me add some tips before somebody is going to change this bushing:
    - Check if the car is having an appropriate tire size!
    - Then check the tire pressure first!
    - Check the shock absorbers by bouncing the cars front, and by checking for any oil leakage at the absorbers.

    If after that you still feel kind of a strong crosswind sensitivity, bear in mind that the Domingo/Libero is more crosswind sensitive by it's "toaster" shape than most other cars.

    If you still want to change the bushing, just do it. Additionally, low section tires can improve in this regard, too.

    I myself, I'm using the original 155/80 R13 tires, and compared to my formerly owned Volkswagen T3 the Domingo/Libero behaves, however, better according crosswinds...;)
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  2. anthill

    anthill Member

    Thanks for that translation! Since I switched back to my summer 65 profile tires, the crosswind sensitivity has improved some... though a lot of the rubber bushings down there look a little aged after 17 years.

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