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tiger truck??

Discussion in 'Tiger Trucks' started by jtpc, Oct 19, 2008.

  1. jtpc

    jtpc Member

    Has anyone here ever even seen a Tiger truck in person?
    Their products look interesting, but dealer network is almost non-existent.
    Just curious.
  2. 350v8s10

    350v8s10 Member


    I think their new Oklahoma factory just opened in mid-summer 2008. It is not likely that too many are out yet. Due to the apparent support by the OK Governor, I would expect to see them more plentiful in the market palce in the near future.

  3. walkguru

    walkguru New Member

    any links?
  4. Mini4WD

    Mini4WD Member

  5. Danimal

    Danimal New Member

    I just spoke with the VP of sales yesterday afternoon. They are building their limited dealer network right now...mainly geared towards industrial truck & equip manufacturers right now (thats where their current sales market exists) on a contracted level by state.
    Tiger sounds to be monitoring the market closely for changes, keeping in-touch with current mini truck dealers and plan to be expanding their dealerships in the near future (especially in key locations where DOT rules allow use on certain roads).
  6. Colin

    Colin Member

    They use Tiger Trucks at the local Veterans Affairs facility.
  7. larryn2o

    larryn2o Member

    Ameristar casino has had 2 for several years to haul people with . they seem to run 24/7 . must be tuff. driver and 10 passengers , like 2,000 pounds?
  8. walkguru

    walkguru New Member

  9. Dan

    Dan Member

    I have one...

    It's been in service at a hotel horticulture department for almost two years and been abused daily. we got the extended cab with a dump body. it has been every bit as rugged and reliable as all of the others i have owned. its roots are in china and we have a few supporting vendors in our area. we had one warranty issue with a heater core leaking and it was replaced within a couple of days. All good so far. The only drawback is the price of ours with the options we selected. It was in the 17-19 k range if i remember correctly...

    there are pics in my gallery of the one i'm talking about.

  10. canadian1

    canadian1 Member

    Tiger Trk.

  11. rnils

    rnils New Member

    mini truck

    In about 5 weeks we will have an inventory of 4 wheel drive quad cab minitrucks - NEW, not used, EPA approved. see them at www.doubleroutdoorproducts.com
    As far as I have been told , these are the only new 4 wheel drive mini trucks that are available. If interested, contact me . I also would like to see an effort to contact legislators about getting these permitted on Minnesota roads. We are close, the bill failed by only 7 votes last session
  12. Mr. Obvious

    Mr. Obvious Guest

    How much are the little trucks?

    Are they re-made in Oklahoma? Or shipped straight from Dong fong motors?

    I thought I read that Tiger trucks had gone belly up?????

    Good luck with your new products they look nice and shiney.

  13. Mr. Obvious

    Mr. Obvious Guest

    Hello, anybody home? Please answer the inquiry above I am most anxious to ascertain your reply. It is my intention to purchase a shiney mini truck and you are getting some for me to choose from.

    I have heard many things about the Tiger trucks. They look the same as the trucks that other dealers are buying. I say buying because I have never heard from anyone that has bought one, thus I say the dealers are buying, not selling. That said if any dealers have sold any it would be nice to hear from their customers about what the customers think about the trucks.

    e.g. are they all piles of **** or are they nice trucks that are underappreciated?

  14. Dan

    Dan Member

    I have a tiger truck. 2wd 4cyl extended cab. in service for about 4yrs now and its been trouble free. i have heard of a few others in my area that are automatics and experienced chronic trans problems and are horribly underpowered for the automatic transmission. I like mine but it never leaves the asphalt like the 4x4 mitsubishis i have at home.
  15. bdmf3509

    bdmf3509 New Member

    Tiger truck is in Chapter 13, if you need parts call 214-884-6243
  16. pattrick

    pattrick New Member

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