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The Large Truck Thread

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Stuff99, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    Dose anyone here own or know about the 1.5 ton trucks like the Isuzu Elf, Mazda Titan, etc? We also discovered a HiAce 1.5 ton truck.

    Also are the cabs much bigger then a kei truck? I was thinking if I am going to spend that much on a kei truck, why not another 5k and get something that can haul, have room, and a nice little diesel?
  2. Onion Seller

    Onion Seller New Member

    Isuzu Elf Cabover 2 Ton Dually Pickup

    Check this out! For someone needing something a little larger than a MiniTruck! Go To www.maxoverdrive.ca click 'Isuzu' , then click far right picture.

    THIS IS ACTUAL MILEAGE! Not a typing error!
  3. Onion Seller

    Onion Seller New Member

    1991 Iuzu Elf 2 Ton Dually Pickup,Cabover

    For those who want something larger than a MiniTruck.

    Check this out: go to www.maxoverdrive.ca click'isuzu' then click far right picture.

    THAT IS ACTUAL MILEAGE! Not a typing error!
  4. frostback

    frostback Member

    We just picked up a 2ton Isuzu Elf with a 2 ton Hiab that has 5700 kms. It was used to move tombstones, now it is going to move granite countertops. We also had a 2 ton Elf dumptruck with 13000kms. These trucks get 25mpg which is pretty impressive given their capacity and the fact that they are not fully broken in yet.


  5. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    isn't that the same as the american isuzu NPR?

  6. frostback

    frostback Member

    Yes I believe the Elf is virtually the same as an NPR.
  7. Onion Seller

    Onion Seller New Member

    Vancouver to Edmonton,1991 Isuzu Elf 2 ton.Fuel Consumption

    Just purchased an Elf with only 208 km on it. Not even broken in!Here is my actual fuel consumption(4.3L engine).

    Vancouver to Hope-23.3MPG- Virtual 1.5 hour traffic jam!
    Hope to Kamloops--27.83MPG- Lots of hills-even got to use Exhaust Brake(jake)
    Kamloops to Hinton-23.9MPG- Still lots of hills.
    Hinton to Edmonton- 27.8MPG- Pretty much flat all the way to Edmonton.

    Total average worked out to be 25.5MPG. Not bad for a 5000lb vehicle. And the engine is not even broken in yet!

    Will edit this as soon as I top tank off to calculate Hinton to Edmonton.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2008
  8. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    This is a light commercial truck commonly used in landscaping. It is considerably bigger than the typical F150 or Silverado. I see them in Nashville every day. It is something like a giant kei truck, or vice versa.

  9. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    Frostback, what kind of ballpark figure was that truck being it has a hiab on it.
  10. Onion Seller

    Onion Seller New Member

    Isuzu Elf250/Ford Ranger Supercab,comparison

    Isuzu Elf
    -Width, 66inches
    -Hieght, 78inches
    -Box - 63 x 123 inches:D
    -Payload, 4400 lbs.:D
    -Engine,4.3L Diesel,4cyl.
    -Fuel consumption,empty,25.5+ MPG

    Ford Ranger Supercab
    -Box - 54 x 72 inches:(
    -Payload,1000 lbs.:(
    -Engine,4L V6,Gas
    -Fuel consumption,empty,23 MPG
    -My guesstimation would be 3400 to 3500 lbs

    -Point being? Isuzu Elf takes up less space than a ranger but is able to haul 4.4x more load on less fuel!
  11. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    I don't know why you would compare an Isuzu NPR to a Ford mini truck. The NPR has capacities beyond most full-size heavy duty trucks such as the Ford F250.

    "NPR/NPR HD Diesel Specifications
    Base Model Description NPR DIESEL NPR HD DIESEL
    -Wheelbase (in.) 109, 132.5, 150.0, 176.0
    -Cab to Axle (in.) 86.5, 110.0, 127.5, 153.5
    -Cab to End of Frame (in.) 129.6, 153.1, 170.6, 196.6
    -Overall Length (in.) 200.5, 224.0, 241.5, 267.5
    -Body Length (ft.) 10-12, 14, 16-18, 20
    GVWR/GCWR 12,000/18,000 lbs. 14,500/20,500 lbs.
    Body/Payload Allowance 1 6,140-6,328 lbs. 8,557-8,792 lbs.
    -Front 5,360 lbs.
    -Rear 8,840 lbs. 9,880 lbs.
    Front Axle Capacity 6,830 lbs.
    Rear Axle
    -Capacity 14,550 lbs.
    -Ratio (AT) 4.555 4.777 (AT)
    4.300 (MT)
    Suspension, Front & Rear2
    -Type Tapered/Multi-Leaf
    -Front Suspension Capacity 8,440 lbs.
    -Rear Suspension Capacity 9,880 lbs.
    -Section Modulus 7.20 in.3
    -Resistance Bending Moment 316,800 lbs.-ft./in.
    Service Brakes
    -System Vacuum/Hydraulic w/4-Channel ABS
    -Front Disc
    -Rear Drum
    Exhaust Brake Vacuum Operated
    Transmission 6-Speed Automatic AISIN Double Overdrive Lock-Up, 2nd-6th 6-Speed Automatic AISIN Double Overdrive Lock-Up, 2nd-6th
    6-Speed Manual Isuzu MZZ Overdrive
    -Type Turbo/Intercooled Diesel 4HK1-TC
    -Displacement 5.2 L (317 CID)
    -Horsepower (Gross) 205 HP @ 2,400 RPM 205 HP @ 2,400 RPM (AT)
    175 HP @ 2,400 RPM (MT)
    -Torque (Gross) 441 lbs./ft. @ 1,850 RPM 441 lbs./ft. @ 1,850 RPM (AT)
    387 lbs./ft. @ 1,850 RPM (MT)
    -Oil Level Indicator Dash-mounted oil level check switch and light
    Alternator 110A
    Batteries (CCA) 2 Batteries @ 750 CCA, Maintenance Free
    Tires 215/85R-16E (10 Ply)
    Steering Integral Hydraulic Power
    Steering Column Tilt & Telescopic
    Fuel Tank
    -Standard 30 Gal. In-Frame
    -Optional 33 Gal. Right Frame
    Fuel/Water Separator Fuel/water separator with dash-mounted indicator light.
    1 Body/Payload allowance is combined weight of body, equipment, payload and occupants.
    2 With front stabilizer bar and front & rear shock absorbers.

    © 2008 Isuzu Commercial Truck of America"
  12. Onion Seller

    Onion Seller New Member

    Isuzu Elf/Ford Ranger

    Just wanted to make a Physical size comparison. Basically the Isuzu Elf is about the same size as a Standard cab Ford Ranger,but the Elf gets slightly better mileage.

    For roughly the same price,the 'used elf' is a strong alternative.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2008
  13. Samurai9

    Samurai9 Member

    OK. Seems to be a popular truck in the U.S.

  14. Colin

    Colin Member

    The Elf is NPR-sized. Here's an NPR next to my Sambar:


    It's substantially larger. ;)
  15. Colin

    Colin Member

    I merged about three different Elf/1.5 ton threads together, so forgive the jumbled mess of posts.

    Please post all midsize Japanese truck questions and discussion here in the future.
  16. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    ah, i see colin. And ya i guess they do look like a giant Kei truck. was worried that these trucks were not much bigger then a kei truck.

    also if these get popular would they get their own section?
  17. Colin

    Colin Member

    That's up to Kevin to decide. I would think so, since they're like maxi-minitrucks. :D

    I can definitely see them becoming popular in Canada, since they're legal up there.
  18. crashxx

    crashxx Member

    Are these things 4x4? Are they legal in the US? A dump truck like this would be pretty cool.
  19. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    Umm don't know about 4x4, I would imagine there was an option for it. Far as i know they are street legal in Canada. Most of these come with AC all the time. some even have power windows!! There is a mid class. looks like a big kei truck, but they have bigger cabs, bigger boxes, and have 1 ton axles. that might be what your looking for. i need to look those up again...

    imagine this as a work truck!!

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  20. Onion Seller

    Onion Seller New Member

    Isuzu Elf 2 ton

    This is a KICK### TRUCK! Mechanical injector pump! NO STUPID COMPUTER!

    Can be easily converted to veg oil/diesel!!

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