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Texans, Don't Throw In The Towel Just Yet!

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by rpm, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. rpm

    rpm Member

    There's still a glimmer of hope of getting mini trucks street legal in Texas. I just got off the phone with Rep. Phil King's office and it sounds like he may help us get these trucks on the road! It's still early in the process but his aide was familiar with them (thanks to Wolfman) and with Oklahoma passing their law.

    This is a good thing!

    He is tied up with a political convention this week, but starting next week he will investigate what it will take to get them legalized for on road use similar to Oklahoma! :D
  2. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    I'll have to give King's office a call when I can get a moment of free time.
  3. v92c

    v92c New Member

    Man that would be great!!!!
  4. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Give me a tele. # to Kings office , I got a really nice 1999 Daihatsu in stock that he can see for him self. He should have a office in Austin. Ill take it to him and let him drive it.
  5. rpm

    rpm Member

    Representative Phil King

    Capitol Office
    Room EXT E2.808
    P.O. Box 2910
    Austin, TX 78768
    (512) 463-0738
    (512) 463-5896 Fax

    District Office
    2110 Fort Worth Hwy.
    Weatherford, TX 76086
    (817) 596-4796
    (817) 596-8375 Fax

    I have been speaking with Matty Piercy at his Weatherford office. If he gets in one make sure it is in cherry condition!
  6. M.C.Lean

    M.C.Lean New Member

    Hello Everyone,
    It is very nice to finally be apart of this community, I have been using this site for some time now but just now decided to register because this page really got my attention.

    I would love to help out with getting these trucks on the road in Texas and surprisingly my dealership is right down the street from the Weatherford District office. I sell both Japanese tractors and mini-trucks, Currently 15 in stock and 5 newer than 1996. Please Let me know it I can help out in any way. My address is 2508 Fort Worth Hwy. Weatherford Tx. 76087
  7. rontopia

    rontopia New Member

    I am new here, first post

    I have no mini, and am waiting to see the outcome of this issue before I buy some form of mini truck. there is not much I can do? maybe I should say, is there anything I can do? write and email perhaps? let me know.
  8. rpm

    rpm Member

    A quick update. I spoke with Rep. King's office today just to see if he was going to support us or not. HE IS!!

    A bill is being written and they are going to e-mail me a draft in about a week. It will resemble the Oklahoma law. Be patient, the Texas Legislature will not be in session for a few more months.
  9. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    This is excellent news.
  10. rpm

    rpm Member

    Yes it is. Just be patient and tread lightly until we get this passed.

    I'll update as I learn more info.
  11. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    Yeah, mine is a yard oranament for the time being. If this bill does come to pass, I'll most certiainly take as much pleasure in watching TXDOT reinstate my title, as the the little witch in Arlington did in revoking it.
  12. dwink

    dwink Member

    Great news! Make sure and post it so all of us Texans can check it out. That would be awesome to be legal.
  13. I would love to see a draft of the bill as well when you get it. I'll certainly pass along any info about it to my customers to push this through. That's the #1 question I get about the trucks - are they street legal.
  14. rpm

    rpm Member

    GOOOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!!

    I got a reply from Rep. Phil King's office today. Unfortunately, I missed the call and got a voicemail. They said Rep. King is still in favor of legalizing mini's for on-road use and has drafted legislation to be introduced in this session.

    That is all the info I have at this time. I will be calling them back for details and as soon as I know more, I'll pass it along. When I first contacted them I used the Oklahoma law as an example suggested it as a guideline for Texas law.

    This will likely be a rider on another bill. Government... ya gotta love it.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2009
  15. Wolfman

    Wolfman Member

    Do you know what the bill will be a rider on?
  16. 350v8s10

    350v8s10 Member

    This is Good News! I am seriously considering selling my Sambar as I intended to move to OK and drive it on the local roads. That has changed and I am staying in Fort Worth (permanently). I really like my Sambar and if I can drive my mini-truck on the local streets in TX, I will keep it. Please keep us updated and let us know if there is anything to do other than stay low profile for the moment.
  17. Windmill

    Windmill Member

    I will be rooting for you guys down south. They are a blast to drive on the roads.
  18. rpm

    rpm Member

    Guys, as soon as I have an update I'll pass it along here first! Remember, government moves at the speed of smell. Don't get in a hurry.
  19. dwink

    dwink Member

    Give us a bill number so we can start calling reps.
  20. rpm

    rpm Member

    Just got off the phone with Rep. King's office. Here's the latest news. HB4495 has been introduced for the titling, registration and operation of Minitrucks on Texas highways!

    That is step 1 of 7. The bill now must be referred to a House committee for approval (Step 2) .

    You can see the bill and track it online at http://www.legis.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=81R&Bill=HB4495

    Time to start working your State Represenatives for support! When it goes to committee I'll give you the names of the committee members. We can make this happen! :D

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