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Suzuki Fuel Pump Wiring

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by jliltd, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. hatch

    hatch Member

    Yeah most were $100 but I found a place in Oklahoma that had it for like 48 i think. I know this may be a little extra work but I picked up a $5 four prong relay and plan to make me up four 1-1.5 inch wires that i can use in order to not cut the original plug. I will put male connections on one end and female on the other and just use it that way. That way plug stays original. May be more work than its worth.
  2. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Could be,

    I'd suggest that you just pick-up a bosch connector, $2 bucks, that already has the wires with/in it; like 6" long.
    You could solder it in parallel, and run one, or the other, or both.
    Or, if you wanted, you could make up a pig tail/converter. You already have the other connector.
    Anyway you do it, its still going to be a few hours of work.
  3. hatch

    hatch Member

    You know I called my self looking for a bosch connector but couldn't find one. That is a really good Idea and i will do that
  4. rwsem

    rwsem Member

    spaner, is this the relay you used to replace the OEM? And if so, I'm guessing the center (87a) isn't wired?
    Bosch fuel pump relay.jpg
    boschrelay wiring.jpg
  5. hatch

    hatch Member

    Guys would a 40 amp relay be overkill for the fuel pump? Reason I ask is because Amazon has several relays that looks to use same exact plug as a suzuki for 5 bucks.
  6. F6A

    F6A New Member

    there is no problem using 40amp relay as long it fits on your socket
  7. rugerman

    rugerman Member

    I am having a problem with my fuel pump not firing and used this post to check what I felt was the fuel pump relay. After further inspection on my 92 carry I found what was mentioned as the fuel pump relay wired directly to the ignition coil and the distributor cap. Now I am no expert and not a know it all by any means but would someone be able to challenge me on this? The brown/black wire runs from the ignition down the harness and directly to the fuel pump, it does not stop at what was mentioned to be the fuel relay. The brown white and brown come from the ignition and run directly to this and then on to the coil. Anyone else see this like I am? From what I am seeing this has nothing to do with the fuel pump but is a coil relay. I confirmed this by shorting the relay and promptly blew the coil fuse in the box(what should happen when running this test).

    Now my problem of not having power to my pump is deeper than what I thought this thread would help me with. I have power from the ignition and past the plug-together, but not where the loom ends near the coil. Soooooo I either need to tear apart the dash or run a new wire to the pump. SO if I am correct on this the question would be is there a fuel pump relay on this truck and is it behind the dash. Time will tell.
  8. TRAX and HORNS

    TRAX and HORNS Well-Known Member

    Been down this road before. You can spend countless hrs. tracing wires and checking relays. The simple fix is to run direct off battery with inline 20amp fuse and toggle switch between seat or wire into running lights with inline 20amp fuse and be done.
    Ive pulled the dash twice on two different Suz. and wont do it again unless I get paid for it.
    Either way just look at it as a theft deterrent.
  9. Good shout lol gotta stop pressure washing the cab out I guess
  10. I'm having the same problem pump turns on for 2 seconds and shuts off... Relay?
  11. rugerman

    rugerman Member

    The fuel pump will shut off when it pressurizes the carb. SO will your truck fire up and keep running?

    A typical fuel pump start will click 3-6 times then the relay clicks behind the dash and the pump stops until it calls for fuel again when the motor starts cranking.
  12. SpankyNFla

    SpankyNFla New Member

    That sounds just like what happened to me. Where did you find the relay? What is it behind? What does it look like?

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