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Suzuki Fuel Pump Wiring

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by jliltd, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. jefro

    jefro New Member

    Change fuel filter

    You should not have electricity to the fuel pump when the ing switch is in the proper off position. Almost every tech book says to remove battery ground strap before you begin any repair. Good tip. Use safety glasses around batteries and be sure to be very careful with fuel. Do it outside and have someone there to use fire suppression or call 911.

    You may or should have pressure left over from the fuel cap holding pressure.
  2. Mr. Sparkle

    Mr. Sparkle Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    Ok, so I should have some gas discharge when I disconnect the hose from the fuel filter. Can you estimate how much? Should I have something handy to to catch it (pail, bucket, etc.)? Also, should I also remove the gas cap?

    Instead of disconnecting the pump relay while the truck is running (to use up all the fuel in the hose before changing the filter), as some have suggested, could I instead disconnect the ground terminal (pre-loosen it) and let the engine use the remaining fuel, or would this cause the vehicle to stop? I remember I used to start an old Toyota I had with a dead battery by getting a push and putting it into gear, so it was obviously not reliant on the battery to keep running. Not sure if the electronics in these newer vehicles is drastically different.

    Thanks for your help - I am trying to de-noob myself!
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  3. steve wardwell

    steve wardwell New Member

    have a 94 and replaced the fuel pump with a generic and left the 3rd wire un connected.She ran well for a week.Then started to hydrolic and bind up when left overnite.She now blows white smoke when started and burns off (headgasket ?). the pump would stop at pressure at first but now I think not....does the white smoke only mean water or can it be unused fuel also ? any help?
  4. Scrumoftheearth

    Scrumoftheearth New Member

    White smoke

    White smoke usually means burning oil, smell it, if it's oil, you will know. If it is coolent, you will know as it will smell like that.
  5. Scrumoftheearth

    Scrumoftheearth New Member


    This link is about problems, not milage!
    If you get 10-14 KM per liter, it is OK.
    AC, fast excerilation and conjested traffick all have an effect.

    PS Thye +am spell check dont work here, so no +itching about spelling, OK? :D
  6. piterix

    piterix New Member

    I have a 1990 Suzuki Carry, which I was letting warm up one day, started fine so I was clearing the snow off the truck and all of a sudden the truck stalled. I turned the key to restart it and noticed that the fuel pump was not ticking anymore, I could hear the relay under the dash though, but not sure what that means as I recall always hearing that.
    Any ideas here, should I change that relay under the dash even though it still ticks a couple of seconds after I turn the ignition on or should I look at buying a new fuel pump??
    I miss not driving my mini truck already, so please help!
  7. olddatsunfan

    olddatsunfan Member

    Get the multimeter out turn the ignition on and see if you're getting 12V or so at the fuel pump first ....
  8. Scrumoftheearth

    Scrumoftheearth New Member


    Try changing the fuel filter first. (cheeper than other test)
    Then I would check for power at the pump, if it's getting power, and not pumping, it's bad I would think.
    Good luck, and please post the fix when you get it done. :D
  9. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    One thing to note is that you will only get 12v for a few seconds when the key is turned on. You should also get 12v while the engine is cranking. Some trucks may be different but usually this is the rule of thumb.
  10. piterix

    piterix New Member

    Just want to hear that fuel pump tick again (1990 Carry)

    So I tried to see if there was 12v or so coming to the fuel pump with the key on, and never got anything, but I now read that you only get 12v when the key is first turned on or when the starter is turning. I checked and found that there is continuity from the battery to the white plug that connects the fuel pump seen in the pics. I'm thinking it might be the ground cable, but not sure where to find it.
    Anyone know where the ground cable for the fuel pump is located for a 1990 Carry?
    I will try and check if there is 12v at that connection when the starter is turning and hopefully that will narrow down if the fuel pump is good or bad!

    I've also found the relay that ticks a few seconds after the key is turned on. I've attached a pic of it which is located behing the glove box. If it ticks a few seconds after the key is turned on, does this mean its still good?? and does this even have anything to do with the fuel pump. I'm thinking there might be a relay or fuse for the fuel pump but can't find it?

    Any more advice, please let me know!

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    Last edited: Dec 19, 2009
  11. Scrumoftheearth

    Scrumoftheearth New Member


    Greetings, Merry Christmus and a happy life ever after!
    That connector in your picter of the pump, it has two connections, one is black wire, and the ground, The other is brown black and goes to the fuel pump relay.
    If you put your meter probe in one and touck the frame, it should read continuity, and if it does, its the ground.
    If you run a jumper wire from the fuel relay to one meter probe, and the other to the pump connection, you should get a continuity indication. That will test the wires. Also if you put the probes to the pump it's self, you should read continuity. If not its bad pump. Also put tester in one port of pump, and touch the case. If you read anything, its grounded, get new pump. You can also jumper a connection from battery hot and ground and the pump shoul operate for a second or two only. ALSO!!!!!! Is your carb a carb, or is it a fuel injector system? If its fuel injector, get a good mechenic that knows what they are doing. THEY MUST BE EFI QUAILIFIED. Good luck and may God Bless.
  12. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    :frustration::frustration:Can anyone verify if the relay posted by pitrix is the correct relay for a 90 carry. It is the relay that clicks when the key is turned to the run position.My truck started then died this am, pump shows continuity, ground to pump shows continuity, no power to pump that i can read.(arms are not long enough to reach ignition from underneath truck) The pump makes no clicking noise at all now when key is turned on
  13. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    YeeeHaw thank you Minibrutes

    Ok, thanks Piterix, that IS the fuel relay for a 90 Carry. To test I disconnected the white plug from bottom of relay then took 6' of wire placed it into the brown/ black wire port turned the ignition on then touched other end of jumper wire to positive post on battery and tick tick tick went the pump:) Talked to Jermey at Minibrutes and one hour later truck was running!
    BTW relay can just pull off the brass post you don't have to undo any screws.
  14. piterix

    piterix New Member

    Really! So did you replace the relay!? and if so with what? Also you say you took the white plug out?? Are you talking about the one on the right of the picture I posted earlier?
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2010
  15. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    Yes I replaced the relay. Minibrutes had one in stock. The relay is the one that you have the yellow arrow pointing at in your post.
    Mine had a white connector coming into the bottom, yours is black. undo the black connector on your relay and look for the brown and black wire. Jumper power to that wire while the ignition is on. if pump clicks then relay is pooched
  16. piterix

    piterix New Member

    Tried it and it worked!! Heard the fuel pump go tick tick tick!! Music to my ears! So now I have to find another relay! I'm gonna try and get in touch with Minibrutes tomorrow and hopefully they can send one up to me. Do you know if another kind of relay will do? Like something you can buy and Canadian Tire or NAPA or something like that?

    Anyways, Really happy to know that its just the relay!!
    Thanks Tinytoy!
  17. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    yay us! If you wouldn't have posted that pic I would still be digging around behind the speedo:frustration::frustration: The guy who designed that was a frickin sadist! MightyMilt posted something on here about a boshe relay??? as a replacement.
  18. slowpoke

    slowpoke New Member

    I have a question,i recently bought a 95 carry,and everything was fine for a week or so,then the fuel pump started making a ticking sound.Is it fixing to go out,and will a domestic fuel pump work to replace the stock?thanks..
  19. Tinytoy

    Tinytoy Member

    On the carbed suzi's the pump always makes a clicking sound when opperating.Turn key on with all accessories off and you should hear a click,click,click. When it is running it should click constantly:eek:. No noise =problems
  20. slowpoke

    slowpoke New Member

    Thanks tiny,i went out and you are right,after furture investigation,i have got a stick lodged between the fuel pump and the frame,it was pushing the fuel pump up just enough to viberate against the bed.the stick brock off flush so i would have never noticed it.Had i not been told about the normal click.every thing works great now,thanks again tiny

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