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Suzuki Every "blown head gasket"

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by Jwilco, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Jwilco

    Jwilco New Member

    So, thank you all in advance for your time. I'm between considering and about to buy a 1990 suzuki every turbo with a blown head gasket. This vehicle is 200 miles away which makes it challenging to inspect. What I wonder and want to query the vast knowledge and experience that rummages these forums is. What is the likelihood that this is worse than just a head gasket? Is there enough other finicky issues that could be coming up that it's not wrecked? I know is impossible to say, I'm just hoping to make sound investment.
    This will be my first mini truck\micro van, which I'm very excited to start into this world. I've also looked into a subaru sambar that looks amazing, just out of my budget.
    Thanks yall!
  2. packrat

    packrat Member

    I had a 4cyl (1000cc, non turbo) Every in New Zealand several years ago. It came with a blown head gasket. I was able to get a gasket set, and with little more than cleaning up the surfaces, put it back together and it was fine. Is that going to be the same in every case? Who knows. , There is another thing you could try. Lucas sells a combustion chamber coolant leak sealer that I have used in other engines (chev 350 and VW Jetta (gasoline)), and it worked as advertised. I was quite impressed. Just make sure you follow the instructions fully. If you're mechanicly inclined, give it a try if the price is right
  3. Jwilco

    Jwilco New Member

    Thanks for the prompt response packrat! I know it's a risk. I'm just hoping to find some people with experience with the f6a turbo engine and hope for something magical. But realism says it's a risk. I am fairly mechanically inclined and replacing a head gasket would be a great learning experience. But getting into a totally blown motor doesn't help me out.

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