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Suzuki Carry Upgrades, springs, dump, bumpers, plow,...

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by project_x, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. DannyM

    DannyM Member

    Hey guys, this is exactly the kind of stuff that would be great for the Mini Truck Channel Show. I like all the attention to detail you have done and the pictures are great. With ideas like this, this is what makes other mini truck owners want to do more with and to their trucks. Great job!!!
  2. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Awesome, I'll be bugging you for details of the modifications you made once I get my truck for sure! These are a lot cheaper than other options :)
  3. project_x

    project_x Member

    No problem, I'll be happy to pass on any info that I have.
  4. Ironraven

    Ironraven Active Member

    Hey, which plow mount did you get? Can you take a close up of how it fits on your truck?
  5. saltydog

    saltydog New Member

    I just came across this thread - nice job! I was hoping that you could share with me the demensions of that frame you constructed - I am also looking at modifying one of these for my business but I can't seem to get anyone to provide me with the rear frame rail dementions (haven't purchased a truck yet). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve
  6. muddy moose

    muddy moose Member

    Very nice job!! Do you know roughly the final cost on the dump bed build?
  7. BigD

    BigD New Member

    Project x if you're still around I would like to have rear hitch bracket measurements if you're willing to share. They look very nice. Thanks
  8. Nicola Delph

    Nicola Delph New Member

    Hi, loving the modifications you made to your '93 DD51T my husband just bought one of these but his is a '92. Wanted to ask your advice on when using a 2 1/2 " lift kit do you think he may encounter issues with the steering wheel rod and the cv. I noticed you had some issues and did some mods in this area, would appreciate your advice.

    Also I plan to put a front bumper on to accommodate a 4500lb winch any suggestions on how to make and place the bracket to bolt the winch on.

    Appreciate any advice you can give.

  9. Anne Sweeney

    Anne Sweeney Member

    Wow diff with locker. Is that differential easily bolts on to non-locker DD51T's?
  10. Rob Vere

    Rob Vere New Member

    I would love to have the measurements for the frame.. I want a dump box for me DB71T . and the bore of the cylinder. Princess Auto sells all the parts needed.

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