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suzuki carry limited slip differential

Discussion in 'Mini Lounge' started by hooked, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. hooked

    hooked New Member

    I just wanted to give every one a heads up. There is a company on ebay selling a limited slip diff for 99-2001 Suzuki Carry. I have a 2000 DB52T with an open rear end. I thought it would be great to have a limited slip in the rear. It is a little pricey$ 349 but I figured what the hell. Nothing about these trucks end up being cheep.the instructions showed having to machine a lip off the axle gears down a little so it was a flat surface. No problem. I ordered it. When it arrived the first thing I noticed is that there is no friction material like it states in the add. It is 2 machined pieces of steel with 4 springs in between. Now I am starting to have my doubts. After disassembling the rear end and taking the carrier out I started doing some measuring. My axles measure .935 the center hole in the LSD measures 1.25. The shaft that holds the spider gears measures .588 the LSD measures .750. Even after removing the lip off the axle gears(.40 each side) I was .260 from the LSD fitting. I contacted the seller who is also the manufacture about the problems I was seeing. One of my biggest concernes was what was going to keep this centered in the carrier and how to make this fit. I thought they sent me the wrong LSD.I sent a email aboutquestioning the application. Their response was that they had sold 10s of thousands for this model without any problems?????. They wanted me to machine .130th off each gear to make it fit. Not off the flat surface I'm talking removing .130 off the teeth of the gears. Not going to happen. I returned the LSD and was charged a 20% restocking fee(68.70) After sending them 2 messages about the restocking fee I left negative feed back. I instantaly heard from them. They stated that if I changed my feedback to positive they would consider ( not that they would) giving me a full refund. I was return #754 if they maid 68.70 off each return they made almost 52000 off of selling parts that wont fit

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