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Supercharged Dyno run

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by banzairx7, Mar 12, 2020.

  1. Ohkei Dohkei

    Ohkei Dohkei Active Member

    Nice! is that with the stock pulley?
  2. banzairx7

    banzairx7 Active Member

    Yes stock pulley. Turns out the two pulleys I had waiting in the wings had the wrong bore size. They were for the AMR500 supercharger. I assumed they were the same. I have another pulley due in tomorrow that I hope I can mod to work.
  3. banzairx7

    banzairx7 Active Member

    Got the new pulley on tonight. New pulley is 55mm OD and the stock one was 61.3mm. Boost went from 7psi to 9psi. Power is most noticeable at low to mid throttle. Was able to buy an alternator pulley and modify it to fit. It needed a spacer to go behind and had to have a keyway cut in it. I also had to put on a shorter belt. I could put this into kit form if there was interest.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. willoh

    willoh New Member

    I am very interested in the complete intercooler setup as well as the tuning maps as soon as you work out the kinks! PS I have a 95 Dias with the EN07Y and I assume the engine setup is identical with the truck one
  5. banzairx7

    banzairx7 Active Member

    This intercooler set up is kind of complicated and I'm not sure it would fit a van. I'm into it for probably $500 + my time so not cheap. I've also found it does require a fan which I'm in the process of adding. That means I need to add some kind of control for it. I've got a pressure switch and time delay relay on the way. The time delay relay will keep the fan from cycling off and on constantly. Basically when you hit boost the fan will stay for like 10 seconds regardless of what the boost is doing.
  6. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Active Member

    Just out of curiosity: Why aren’t you using a thermostatic switch. Set up so that if teh temperature on the exit header of the inter cooler is however hot, the switch closes and the fan comes on. The switches are pretty inexpensive, and readily available.
  7. banzairx7

    banzairx7 Active Member

    I had that thought too. Problem is by the time the intercooler would be hot enough to trigger the switch I'd be behind the curve. Everything would already be hot. If I go by boost pressure I'm cooling before it gets to the point the heat starts hurting power.

    Honestly I keep inching closer to ditching the stock ECU for reasons like this. If I had an aftermarket ECU I could use the air intake temp sensor(or MAP sensor for pressure) which reads really quickly to trigger the fan.
  8. banzairx7

    banzairx7 Active Member

    Was back at the dyno yesterday. Since my last runs I made an intake, got the intercooler fan set up working and put on the smaller supercharger pulley for ~1.5psi more boost. Results were up but a little lower than what I expected. I'm now @ 62hp at the wheels. I think either the throttle body or exhaust is a bottle neck at this point. Not that 62hp isn't great for this little guy. That means I'm making ~73hp at the engine and stock it was rated at 55hp. A 30% increase in power is pretty good.

    The last few weeks I've been trying to figure out what to do with the exhaust. Where I ended up is if I'm redoing it from scratch I'm just going to replace the supercharger with a turbo. The supercharger right now is really loud so that's reason one. I'll make more power at the same boost level with a turbo. They are more efficient and I won't have the parasitic drag of the supercharger. Last thing is turbos just make super cool noises! I ordered up a RHB3 knock off turbo, it is tiny. Compressor map though shows it's a good match for this motor. At 10psi of boost and peak power @ 7k rpm I'm right in the sweet spot of the turbo.
  9. SDK1968

    SDK1968 Active Member

    you are a true tinker-er!

    love reading your stuff & going: man thats way toooo involved for me. :)
  10. Reese Allen

    Reese Allen Member

    10 psi of turbocharged intercooled boost would be massive.

    While you're going crazy, why not go with an air to water intercooler system, and put its radiator up front where it gets max airflow? I see lots of room for one behind the grille of my '93...
  11. banzairx7

    banzairx7 Active Member

    Really wanted to go with an air to water but can't find an intercooler small enough. Everything is sized for "normal" engines. The ports & core are massively oversized for what is needed. Smallest I've found is 2 1/4" connections and I need more like 1 1/2". That would leave me making a custom core which I don't really have the time for.

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