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Subaru Sambar specs/ interchange part #'s

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar References' started by Timetripper, May 9, 2008.

  1. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Member

    I have a different layout for the Exedy clutch kits. This parses down their information into 6 lines:

                                                         Clutch    Pressure   Clutch
    Model              Date Range                         Disk      Plate      Kit
    KS3,KV3            1990.03 - 1994.09                 FJD002    FJC515-1   FJK004
    KS4,KV4            1990.03 - 1994.09                 FJD005U   FJC523U    FJK006
    KS3,KV3,KS4,KV4    1990.03 - 1998.05 Supercharged    FJD005U   FJC523U    FJK006
    KS3,KV3,KS4,KV4    1994.01 - 1999.12                 FJD021U   DHC553U    FJK005
    KS3,KV3,KS4,KV4    1998.06 - 1999.12 Supercharged    FJD021U   DHC553U    FJK005
    TT,TV,TW           1999.02 - 2012.04                 FJD021U   DHC553U    FJK005
    All of the clutch kits are available on Amazon Japan with international shipping available.

    FJK004: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00SWY5B28/
    FJK005: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B008N693BA/
    FJK006: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B01BPU4OX2/

    The price is reduced slightly during checkout as international orders are tax exempt (and tax is built in to Amazon prices), and the shipping is reasonable. My last order of a FJK006 was ¥17,782 shipped, which worked out to about $163. They use DHL shipping and it showed up in 3 days.

    If they are out of stock but allow ordering, they order it from Exedy and it takes about 4-5 days.
  2. Botl01

    Botl01 Member

    Nice spreadsheet. Thanks for posting!
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  3. Reticent Sage

    Reticent Sage New Member

    Wasn't sure if this was already posted, but it wouldn't hurt to make known.
    The Radiator Cap for Sambar is the same off a Subaru Justy for similar years.
    i.e. 1992 Sambar -1992 Justy. Just something for the parts counter guy to plug in.
  4. Forx

    Forx New Member

    Addition- '93 KS4 Sambar truck "D" - Mobile 1 Oil Filter M1-108A from Autozone threads in just fine and no leaks thus far after 1 week and about 2 total hours driving time.
  5. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Member

    All Sambars with all versions of the EN07 engine (1990-2012) share the same oil filter as the Justy here in the US. The newest OE part number is 15208KA012, but any filter speced out for the Justy will work perfectly.
  6. Botl01

    Botl01 Member

    rkrenicki, I noticed on your spread sheet you use 15w40 oil. Any particular reason? I have had good luck with 10W30 but was curious on your selection.
  7. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Member

    I run an oil pressure meter, and when the engine is fully heated up, I see some awfully low oil pressures at idle when running 10w30. When I bumped up to 15w40, the pressures increased enough that my gauge does not kick the low pressure alarm anymore. This is only when the oil temp is up above 110c.

    I used 10w30 for the first 2 years that I have had the truck.. the switch to 15w40 is new for this year, but so far so good.
  8. Forx

    Forx New Member

    valve.jpg valve2.jpg
    I just switched to 10w40 (from5w30 for winter) and AT205Resealer after a valve gasket replacement, at the recommendation of an old timer mechanic because I was seeing a decent amount of oil "foul" all over the engine. There was never a leak of oil just this really thick oily film that would develop all the valve case. The mechanic recommended 15w40 or 10w40 for spring and summer and the AT205 to try and "freshen" up any rubber gaskets throughout. His thinking on the 15w40 or 10w40 was that it's thick enough to fill in all the crazy small voids that were causing the external fouling. Then the AT205 and thicker oil would kind of bake into the crevices and make a better seal it spots that were difficult to replace or get to. Attached is a picture of the valve cover after about 4 hours of cleaning and it took about another 2 to get it to the point I could paint it (yes I painted it because I saw somebody on the web do it and I was suckered by the fancy looks). So far no noticeable "fouling" (about 10 hours) so either my valve gasket install was good, the 10w40 + AT205, or a combination of both worked. Now I just gotta get the other problem fixed that you all are helping me with on a different thread.
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  9. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Member

    Red valve covers make it go faster.

    2019-01-29 12.17.55.jpg
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  10. Forx

    Forx New Member

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