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Subaru E12 does not start up

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by hilbert, Aug 2, 2021.

  1. hilbert

    hilbert Member

    Speaking about a Subaru Libero E12, second version, with fuel injection.
    I turn the key, 2 steps until the console turn on, and every light seams OK. I hear the fuel pump working, and than I try to turn it on, but there aren't any reaction, the start-up motor doesn't move, and lights on the console doesn't look to attenuate, no noise at all.

    The battery is quite old (not so much really), so I have already planned to replace it soon.

    It happened the first time yesterday, after a long trip under the rain. I stopped to fill fuel tank, and it turn on regularly, then after further 10km I stopped for about 1 hour, and then it never turnd on any more. The morning after I tried agan at It work, but after 5 minutes, it happened again. In the afternoon, I am replacing the battery, hoping this will solve the issue!
  2. hilbert

    hilbert Member

    I tried with a working battery, before buying a new one, and the strange behavior persisted. So I removed the engine cove, checked and cleaned electrical connections to the start-up motor, and I gave some kicks with a small hammer to it (in case it was stuck by some oxyde). It began to work regularly as nothing has ever happened!
    Now I have to plan in detail which spare parts I could need, and how to get them, before unmounting the start-up motor to clean and restore it.
  3. Hap Wilson

    Hap Wilson Member

    Awsome post! Definitely easy fix if you can find a sweet shop to rebuild the motor for ya.

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