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Subaru Domingo... worth it?

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by FuriousL, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. FuriousL

    FuriousL New Member

    Hi all,

    I've been lurking for a while, and finally decided to jump in.
    I'm looking at buying a Subaru Domingo. I've done some research, test drove a Sambar (and quickly realized it wouldn't quite do it for frequent freeway commuting)
    I've test driven a Domingo, and think it's great. It looks cool, it's 4 wheel drive, can haul 7 people, or lots of stuff, and must be great on gas!
    Now, what I'm struggling with is the fact that for the same price, I can get a much, much newer economy car, or regular car for that matter.
    I'm trying to justify buying a 94 domingo over say... a 2006 suzuki Aerio

    How many kms do the domingo's seem good for? If I get one with 59,000 is it typical to expect it to live to 150,000 Or 200,000 ? I guess a lot depends on how you drive it, and take care of it.

    Which leads me to my final question... taking care of it. Are repairs and parts a LOT more expensive than more common cars? I know there are companies that work on them (Japanoid, etc.)

    Thanks for all your help and time. I am pretty sure I'll wind up buying one and joining your fine ranks :)
  2. Meesho

    Meesho Member

    I think the main decision will be how often do you drive at "freeway" speeds of 90 to 100km/hr?? Is it Auto or 5 speed? They are excellent vans around the city but I think driving it at high speeds for extended everyday would get old fast. They sway easy in the wind due to the tall narrow shape of the lightweight body and there is no power for passing especially with passengers or automatic equipped vans. Also you are sitting on the opposite side so passing on 2 way undivided traffic can be a bit of a challenge. Yes the maintainence will be higher than a "normal" car but not unbearable like a BMW or benz, just a little harder to find. They are fun vans but most people I know have another vehicle and their mini is their baby or toy or weekend car I guess you can say.
  3. FuriousL

    FuriousL New Member

    Thanks for your response.

    The one I am looking at is a 94 Domingo 5 speed. My commute is 40km each way. mostly on the highway.
    In looking for a new car I figure I have 4 things I'm looking for:
    - Good on Gas
    - Some storage space
    - 4 wheel or all wheel drive would be great
    - and just that cool factor.

    the Domingo seems to fit all 4 perfectly.
    I don't really go on long trips, but I'd like to know that if I really wanted to I could drive from Chilliwack to Kelowna. (about 3 or 4 hours)

    I'm pretty sold on having one, just like I said, trying to justify spending the same as I would on a 2006 compact for a 94 van :)
  4. anthill

    anthill Member

    They have a lot of cargo capacity, even more if you unbolt the bench seating. Probably more than you need. I've used mine to move across Ontario (twice) so it's been handy.

    I think the main selling point of the Domingos is the GV model with VW Vanagon-style fold-flat beds. Having a "pocket camper van" is very cool.

    On the highway mine is fine, UNLESS there's heavy, gusty crosswind. Then it's a handful, and can be scary to passengers.

    No idea on lifetime yet. Salt will probably do it in before engine/transmission wear.

    As far as gas mileage, check out my fuelly page for honest reporting. Much better fuel economy in above-freezing weather.
  5. plunko

    plunko New Member

    FuriousL, what did you decide?

    I am in a very similar situation and I really know very little about cars. The mileage is of paramount concern for me, but I can't change my need for cargo space and highway/mounatin driving. I will regularly be driving about 60 km on the highway (Vancouver area) with two passengers. I am hoping the Domingo can pull it off because I love these little things!

    Anthill, thanks for putting me on to fuelly... what a great site.
    Any other comments on fuel economy and power would be welcomed (especially with respect to one model vs. others).

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