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Subaru Domingo tips/maintenance thread

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by anthill, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. zyxjam

    zyxjam New Member

    Anyone have a 3D model of KJ8 Libero?
  2. zyxjam

    zyxjam New Member

    I am selling plugs for FA models for about 30 EUR for set. not the best quality but good.
  3. Jan Martin Fog

    Jan Martin Fog New Member

    Greetings everyone!
    New member and owner of a 1991 Libero 1.2 4WD :)
    Love this minibus, but seem to have trouble finding spareparts in this part of the world (Denmark) any good suggestions/sites? Would also love to own a service/work manual. (Preferably English, but German could work)
    What I am especially looking for is undercarriage parts (Rear wishbone/control arm)
    Cheers, Martin
  4. zyxjam

    zyxjam New Member

    Hi I have a Service manual to KJ and FA SUBARU E12 models in English. Have been cost me a little fortune so there is a small toll needed if you want to receive it (like a crowdfunding) or charity donation. Send me a private message if you want more details. Cheers
  5. Jan Martin Fog

    Jan Martin Fog New Member

    Hi Zyxjam
    I a assume you are Pawel, so already sent you a donation via PayPal and hoping to receive the manuals.
    Thanks for answering !
    Kind regards,
  6. zyxjam

    zyxjam New Member

    Yes it is me. All good. Thanks. I send you a link to files, please take a look if you were able to take it.
  7. diego Herrera

    diego Herrera New Member

    Tengo una Subaru Libero y tiene dañado la cremallera de dirección (steering gear box), donde la puedo conseguir
  8. Arkivel

    Arkivel New Member

    not sure. Try ebay germany or europe. There is a Czechoslovakia LIbero forum online that you could join. Use google translation and post your question in czech. They may be able to help.

    no es seguro. Intente eBay Alemania o Europa. Hay un foro de Checoslovaquia LIbero en línea al que puedes unirte. Utilice la traducción de Google y publique su pregunta en checo. Ellos pueden ser capaces de ayudar.

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