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Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by socsmm6, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. cbarlow

    cbarlow Member

    will these also work on a 1993 suzuki?
  2. 1 albee

    1 albee New Member

    I sorry I do not know. They have a Daihatsu part #
  3. antfarmer

    antfarmer Member

    strut confusion

    DSC_9208.jpg alibaba struts Screen shot 2012-10-22 at 10.57.49 AM.jpg DSC_9195.jpg DSC_9207.jpg DSC_9211.jpg DSC_9213.jpg DSC_9215.jpg DSC_9217.jpg DSC_9220.jpg DSC_9221.jpg
    I ordered stuts and 225# springs from West Shore Auto in Canada, which had OEM numbers 48510 and 48520 and were guaranteed to be the right ones for my s83p. When they arrived I took of the existing strut assemblies. The stamped numbers on those original struts were 48520-87540-C and 48510-87543-C. I took the new parts and old assemblies to the local garage, because they had a "safe" spring compressor. The mechanic there pointed out that the new struts, when extended,were about 2 inches shorter than the originals, and the bolt at the end of the strut was slightly smaller on the new replacement strut. My other mechanic that had welded my bumpers and done the body lift had told me to get the "gas struts, not the hydraulic" because they were longer. However, the only place I found with s83P struts that were supposed to be gas struts were on Chinese websites like Alibaba (minimum order 100 units!). The Rockauto.com site had a struts supposedly for the s83p but the OEM numbers were different and I could not get anyone to say if they were the same as the 48520 48510 series.
    The new springs were shorter than the ones that were in the original assembly; uncompressed they were about the same as the originals when compressed.
    I want to know if my old non-dampening struts with longer extension are gas struts, and if I can swap in the shorter hydraulic struts with the shorter springs and the camber adjusting lift spacers and still be okay. I'm really confused by all this and a bit frustrated. I have the old strut assemblies still together (they have some sort of variable spring) and the new parts in a box.
    Anyone else out there ever seen a longer supposedly gas filled s83p strut? I have included a screen shot of the alibaba web page that shows the same OEM number and the description of being gas filled.
    Help me get back on the road (actually not the road, but the trail to the woodlot... winter is coming and I need to get my firewood).
    November 7 update:
    It turns out that the mechanic who did my body lift had added strut extensions to the old struts to make them about 2 inches longer, instead of a lift spacer above the strut. The old struts and new struts are almost identical, if you remove the extension. I now have the new springs installed with the new struts, plus the 2" lift spacer above the struts, and everything works great. I just have a bit of positive camber that I need to fix after I reassemble the top plate on the strut spacer so the slot holes are correctly oriented.
    I'm assuming that the correct camber should be exactly neutral, right? Straight up and down? No need for a slight bit of negative camber?
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2012
  4. nsmilligan

    nsmilligan Guest

    I bought the struts from Rockauto, which were actually shipped from England for my S83P. They exactly matched the OEM struts, with 200# springs they matched the ride height of the original springs & struts with a 2" lift kit, so I did away with the lift kit on the struts, works great.

  5. minitruck.ca

    minitruck.ca Member

    We stock the correct front replacement struts for Daihatsu Hijet S81LP, S81P, S83P
    Heavy Coil Spring replacements as well
    Call direct and mention Mini Truck talk for your Price
  6. Dishtech43

    Dishtech43 New Member

    Is this the OE # For the replacement Struts on front of Daihatsu Hijet?? IF so that would be great...
  7. Dishtech43

    Dishtech43 New Member

    OK..Just called G&R Imports from Jackson Mo..they told me for my 1998 Daihatsu Hijst 4x4 S110P new struts were $150 each!! and $20 shipping for both..wow..that is a deal...I cant go wrong there..I was just quoted from another dealer in Texas..$550 for used.and $1100 for new from Japan...no way would I even pay that..So if this helps anyone else..call G&R 885-484-8342 Thanks everyone..

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