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Spare Rim and Tire on Van?

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by ChampagneActy, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. ChampagneActy

    ChampagneActy New Member

    Hi all -- I'm going to be heading down some forest service roads and have a handful of questions on how you all have handled the issue of carrying a spare on a van. (I've searched, lots of wheel and tire threads and ones relating to the trucks, but not sure they apply to spares on the vans.) Here we go:

    1. My van (1990 Street G, HH4) came without a spare, and there's no obvious place to mount one. I have a notion of mounting beneath the van, but not sure about where or if it's feasible. Has anyone tried this? Other mount spots? Could just toss it under one of the front seats, but would rather use that space for gear.

    2. I think the bolt pattern and offset to be 12x3.5 ET40 4x100, but there are conflicting posts about this. Can someone confirm this is right? And if you know of an online store that will sell just one tire and rim in this size/pattern, that would also be helpful. (I assume the concept of "space-saving spare" is an oxymoron in this context -- but if anyone thinks otherwise, let me know!)

    Thanks in advance for any useful advice.

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