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Spam posts - what can be done?

Discussion in 'News and Site Support' started by mr.mindless, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    Are admins doing anything to try and tamp down the spammer registrations? this is getting pretty bad.

    EDIT: removed a comment about not having found the report post button - I just found it. Below the signature in the post area, not anywhere around thread-level actions.
  2. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    I see there's a throttle on reporting posts. I guess I won't bother, I don't have 10 minutes to go through these, waiting 20 seconds between reporting.

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  3. Cole

    Cole Member

    Ya it is getting quite annoying!!
  4. fmartin_gila

    fmartin_gila Active Member

    I have been going through each one and patiently reporting each as spam. Seems to do no good as they continue on unabated. All one can do is try to ignore them, but they are aggravating as H*ll.

  5. peppermink

    peppermink New Member

    promote someone to a moderator position to delete/mute/hide them
  6. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    Looking at the members list, out of 5 mods, it appears only one is active...

    If some additional moderators are needed I'd be happy to help out. I've never run anything on xenforo but have experience with phpbb, xoops and SMF. With luck some hurdles to registration could be enabled to make this place a little less attractive to spamming.
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  7. shogun

    shogun Member

    I am also reporting each as spam. If help is needed as moderator, contact me too. But a mod must have the admin right to ban users and delete the spam posts.
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