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Should I buy off-road vs registered in WA

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by Aoman, Nov 10, 2020.


So how should I go about this?

  1. Buy off road 3.5K then legalize after electric

  2. Buy off-road, legalize for driving, convert then legalize again

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  3. Buy legalized 6K, convert and legalize?

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  1. Aoman

    Aoman New Member

    Hey guys and gals. I just found a daihatsu hijet jumbo S80. It has a dent... A huge one under the left window an a smaller one in the front right on the name. Otherwise the glass looks fine with no dents but lots of scratches. Engine cranks and looks complete but the owner is installing a pump. Underneath the truck looks great with very little rust but covered in light mud where you can still see the paint. It's 2wd tiny engine, tiny transmission, tiny drive shaft. The bed is covered in some light rust. There's no right side mirror and it has two rusty holes on the front of the cab roof exterior. Inside looks great. Just dusty. It has side by side mud tires in very good shape. The door rubber trims are full of green algae growths.

    Anyway, I plan on converting to electric so I know I will need a patrol inspection at some point. So anyway, I was looking for your opinion.

    1) buy this, get it road legal somehow? Price being the main driver at 3700. But I probably need a new mirror, new pump, new seatbelts. The guy has no title, but can provide a bill of sale of his own. That's the main iffy issue.

    2) go downtown Seattle and get one for 6000 plus 200 registration. I actually want an Acty, so I get the model I have been obsessing for. But I get to drive it before conversation. But man, the price sucks because I need to gut it out anyway when I get the electric drive system operational.

    Is the 3000 dollar difference worth the hassle? Will I still have problems trying to legalize the electric Conversation? I just learned that in Washington, the components I use have to come with a vehicle bin number so they can track where they came from. Usually that's not provided with eBay sales.
  2. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    Sounds really high to me. I bought my Jumbo cab,'93, with near perfect body and paint, ran good, and was registered in California (unheard of) for $3000. I had to redo the interior.coat the bed, lift it 2" and out on RX 7 wheels with new 14" tires. I also replaced both bumpers as the front was butchered up to fit a tow bar and the rear was just ugly.
    I realize I got a pretty good deal on it but I have bought a Mitsubishi for $1800,rough body but ran great, with dump, a Scrum 4x4 ran great, with good body & fair paint for &2600,and a Suzuki Carry for $2200 that needed a head gasket and ring job. It came with 2 spare engines and a transmission.
    They have gone up some in the past few years but the dealers are at least doubling the prices on them.
  3. Aoman

    Aoman New Member

  4. Afromus Prime

    Afromus Prime New Member

    JDM car and motorcycle stays taxing. Highly suggest looking elsewhere.
  5. Aoman

    Aoman New Member

    What do you mean by stays taxing?
  6. Casey M Pinch

    Casey M Pinch Member

    I would import one from TC-V (TRUE CAR VALUE). I live near Seattle and imported a Honda Acty 1994 with 13k miles in hood shape for $3700. My best advice is don't rush and get whet you want for a reasonable price. If you want to import, contact me and I can get you in touch with the import agent I used to go through the port of Tacoma
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  7. Casey M Pinch

    Casey M Pinch Member

  8. Aoman

    Aoman New Member

    Yes! Actually I have come to this conclusion myself. Thanks for the offer, I will definitely use/could use someone who has dealt with these before.
  9. Aoman

    Aoman New Member

    Good to know that TCV is not a scam. Looks like only a few people report issues. I'm all in on this.
  10. Casey M Pinch

    Casey M Pinch Member

    Becky Werner

    Sound Brokerage International

    Ph: 253-922-7718


    She is reliable and a great person to deal with. I just bought my Acty through TC-V and Becky was the broker. Highly recommended. She works through the port of Tacoma
  11. Aoman

    Aoman New Member

    Awesome so how much did she ask for? Do you have a price breakdown? Is she the person who will take you into the port and find the truck for you? I've been reading a write-up on importing that someone came up with.

    Need escort TWIC
    Need to bring form CBP Form 7501
    Need to get 7501 annotated by US customs
    Need to pay tariffs
    $9.75 per 1,000 kilograms of vehicle weight, with a minimum of $101.61 per vessel.

    Did you encounter any hiccups? Does TCV send you the Japanese docs? How long does it take to get here? Could you send me a copy of your 7501 to see how to fill it for the Acty?

  12. Casey M Pinch

    Casey M Pinch Member

    You should contact Becky. She is a import broker, meaning she only navigates importing your goods from a foreign country. Her fee is based on the cost of import. Probably $1500 in total.

    TC-V sends the Japanese certificates, Becky helps ensure you have all the correct ones to process through customs and local DMVs.

    TC-V or Japan Car Direct are good places to import from. Whatever the price is, plan on adding $1500. DMV total in the state of WA was about $400.

    Start to finish, probably 2 months to import my mini truck.

    If all that is too complicated, there is s little dealer on Craigslist that sells in the Portland area. Prices are much better than the Seattle area dealers. My buddy got his there, and it was a good process.

    Good luck
  13. Casey M Pinch

    Casey M Pinch Member

  14. Aoman

    Aoman New Member

    So then how do you exactly get the truck from the port? Does she arrange for someone to pick it up and park it out where you can just drive off?
  15. Casey M Pinch

    Casey M Pinch Member

    She coordinates with the port for you to enter the port with an escort to pick it up of you have a trailer. If not, she can coordinate to have it towed and delivered to you for a fee

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