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Shop Service Manual arrived.

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry References' started by carry92, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. carry92

    carry92 Member

    Some info. for the PT 4 wheel drive Carry.

    Gearbox oil: GL-4 #90.....2.6 litre
    Differentials: GL-5 75W-80...front 0.7 litre, rear 1.0 litre.
    Engine: 10W30....2.9 litre
    Spark plug: NGK DCPR7E.....gap 0.8 to 0.9 mm
    turn signal flasher: NAPA pn EP-34

    Wheel alignment:
    toe in 2-4
    camber 1*00 (+-) 1*
    caster 3*30(+-)1*
    king pin degree 10*30'
    degree inside 37, outside 34
    side slip in2.0-out1.0

    Ignition timing: 7 degrees BTC at 950 RPM (+-50)

    2 valve engine (note 4 valve engine is different)
    Valve lash cold, intake 0.15mm, exhaust 0.17mm
    hot intake 0.25mm, exhaust 0.27mm
    With cylinder 1 at TDC set intake 1 & 2, exhaust 1 & 3
    rotate crank 1 turn then set intake 3 and exhaust 2

    oil pressure at operating temp (+- 4000 RPM)...
    2.7 ~ 4.3 kg/cm (40 to 55 PSI)
  2. dmerc

    dmerc Member

    Does it also cover the 4 valve engine?
  3. carry92

    carry92 Member

    Yes it does.
  4. 700saber

    700saber Member

    thanks alot carry92...most likely getting a 92 or 93 carry this friday...this will help...btw where did you buy your manual from? I saw some on ebay...thought about it hitting the buy it now button.
  5. carry92

    carry92 Member

    700saber you do not have your location show.
    It is a good idea to always give general location because that way others that live near you can be of some help and many times information is local. EG if you lived in an Asian country parts would not be an issue. If you lived down the road from me I would be willing to help you with mechanical things in my shop.

    I bought mine thru Amazon.ca.
  6. jclee

    jclee Member

    Does the manual cover 1993 also? was it the Lulu manual? does it cover the dash? I have a light that comes on and off and I dont know what it is.It is the bottom right light.Thanks

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