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Discussion in 'References' started by tallahasseeflminitrucks, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Timetripper hasn't been on the forum for almost a year. Not sure what happened to him. :(
  2. nygil-b

    nygil-b New Member

    hi i would like to know if u guys have any idea on which shocks i could use for my 89 subaru sambar??
  3. Humper

    Humper New Member

    Can someone tell me the size of the nut holding the lower part of the shock on. I lost one and need to get a new one. I assume its metric....
  4. firejonny89

    firejonny89 Member

    for anyone that wants or thought about an air shock the ma727 from monroe looks like it should fit. i was playing around on summits site looking at monroe 31000s and checking what trucks the fit(1970 c10 pickup is what i used) looks like the 31000 and the ma727 fits it just an ideal not for sure if it would fit our minis thou i might have to try it just for the heck of it if they dont fit i can always take them back and get the 31000(i would got to a local auto store to by them for if the didnt fit)
  5. firejonny89

    firejonny89 Member

    so i got bored and looked up the differences in the 31000 and the ma 727. looks like the ma727 is 3/4 an inch longer and its adjustable with air pressure so is someone used their suzuki a lot with heavy loads u could keep it closer to stock by uping the pressure a little might be a lil harder ride but if u have a lot of weight might keep your tires from rubbing to just puting that out there

    for those who have the monroe 31000 on their trucks already how close do u come to bottoming out your shocks do u have a little room to play with. in others words could i get away with the air shocks thanks all
  6. kbruce

    kbruce Member

    Rear shocks for 1997 Honda Acty HA4

    Any intel on rear shocks for a Honda Acty HA4 class truck... 1997.

    I'm actually trying to find a set of air shocks and was hoping to cross ref from a domestic shock that is cross-ref'd from the Honda 52610-SJ7 stock part number.
  7. mitsu98

    mitsu98 New Member

    Hello to all, I"m a newbie here and have learned so much . I recently added a 4 inch lift to my 1998 mitsubishi bravo van . the rear shocks were topping out when hitting bumps .i wanted to change them , so i took the advice i receieved on this forum I used monroe 31000 shocks on the rear , worked like a charm. Just took off the old factory ones , simply bolted on the monroes with no trouble. I just wanted to add that this swap does work . I purchased the shocks at oriellys auto parts . 39.35 for two shocks , then had them in stock . Again the number is monroe 31000. Thanks for the great info.
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  8. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the info!
  9. mitsu98

    mitsu98 New Member

    Hi Keith . your very welcome . im just glad to be apart of this forum, theres a great bunch of people on here and a wealth of knowledge .thanks rich
  10. maxedoutinAK

    maxedoutinAK New Member

    Since the shock is 3.5" longer are you botting the shocks insted of the bumper? Or is it never an issue since no one fills the back of their bed with that much stuff?
  11. MrDeerHunter

    MrDeerHunter New Member

    I have upgraded from stock to the Monroe 31000. Direct bolt on a DB52T Suzuki Carry. It took a little work to get them in the bottom bracket. but no more than 20 minutes for the pair. You need 14mm and 17mm sockets and a 17mm wrench.
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  12. MrDeerHunter

    MrDeerHunter New Member

    This is the stock DB52T shock compared to the Monroe 31000

    Attached Files:

  13. DirtyGSer

    DirtyGSer New Member

    Ok, Looking for some thoughts here.

    After reading through this thread ( I know it has been around for quite a while but I'm hoping my question will be seen by someone that has been down this path.)

    The truck is a '94 Suzuki DD51B, this thread seemed to indicate that the Monroe 31000 shocks were pretty much a drop in replacement.

    I do fancy myself at least basically mechanically competent.
    I don't see how these shocks can actually fit?

    The top and bottom eye width of the Monroe's seems to be quite a bit wider and when I put them in place, even without any washers there is about 0.320" difference between the stock and the Monroe's.

    I can barely get a thread on the bottom one and can't get a thread into the nut on the top mount. Am I overlooking something?

    What am I missing?


  14. MrDeerHunter

    MrDeerHunter New Member

    I can't speak to your situation exactly. I don't see a reason you couldn't grind down each side of the Monroe's and make them fit. I would suggest both sides to keep the load on the middle of the shock. I can only speak to the DB52T as that is the only one that I have replaced.
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  15. DirtyGSer

    DirtyGSer New Member

    MrDeerHunter, Thanks, yeah, that is one thing I was thinking, press the rubber bushings out, grind the faces and then cut the bushing shorter. Should work!

    Another thing I was thinking of was maybe just shorten the metal sleeve in the new shock, and use one of these:
    Capture.JPG Paired with a washer to increase the head size.

    Thanks again for the feedback
  16. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Uhm. The eyes on the stock shock is an “L6”, the one on the 31000 is a “L1”.

    I just downloaded and searched the current Monroe Catalog. The only instance of the “L6” is in the table which gives the dimensions of the L or loop type mounts.
  17. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    The stock mount is an “L6”, what the 31000 has is an “L1”

    I just downloaded the Monroe catalog, and ran a search. The only place the “L6” shows up is in the table that gives the dimensions of the loop style mount.
  18. installater

    installater Member

    The people who have used the monroe 3100 just grind or cut off the r/bushings on ea.side then
    washer and nut its the only way they fit
  19. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Is this truck lifted?
  20. DirtyGSer

    DirtyGSer New Member

    Installator, Jigs-n-fixtures,

    THANKS for weighing in!

    Well, that makes sense then, the L1 vs. the L6 bit, just didn't see it coming in reading the thread.

    I suppose not really a big deal, can grab the angle grinder and slim it down. Especially if its not uncharted territory, that's the path some others have gone before.

    Any thoughts about the different nut approach and shortening the inner metal spacer? Have to roll the dice on whether the nut OD is close to the OD of the spacer, so it fits in the bushing, but if washered that seems like a path. They are 10 bux shipped so i think I'll try that path first as an exercise then probably end up grinding. after all i don't always listen/learn well.

    No the truck isnt lifted, stock height, that's another point though, the monroes would run in a ...closer to fully compressed part of the stroke. I better take a measurement to make sure they cant hard stop if they get loaded up say with a full bed.

    Thanks again everyone!

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