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Shift Points

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Deanclean, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Deanclean

    Deanclean Member

    Hi Guys,
    I'm trying to figure out the shift points on my Sambar. Its a EN07 engine. Its got EL and 4wd. I've been shifting to 2nd at around 15km/h then into 3rd at about 40km/h and into 4th at about 60km/h. After that I just rev it right up if im going into 5th for the highway. Ive seen a few posts on this but none that I could find to get an answer for a Sambar. Ive only had the truck for about a week so im still getting used to things. Im planning on installing a tach next week to have a little project to do. Thanks for the help.
  2. SpikeFiend

    SpikeFiend Member

    If I'm in traffic, I typically start in 2nd.

    2nd: 0-20 km/h (just make sure to rev it a bit more on takeoff)
    3rd: 20-40 km/h
    4th: 40-60 km/h
    5th: 60-130 km/h :D

    If there's no one else around, or I'm in a parking lot I'll start in 1st and could take ~5km/h off those speeds. Those numbers are mostly for a fuel economy point of view, you can let the engine rev higher for more "performance". I just figure slower RPMs mean less engine wear too.

    Not sure about yours, but on my speedo, there are numbers circled around the gauge (up to 4, I believe) which I think are the red-line points for those gears. I try to stay away from those points, except for highway driving where it's unavoidable.

    It's also nice shifting earlier, because then you know that if you need a quick burst of speed, you can get it without having to shift up right away.

    I have a S/C sambar with the EN07 engine (I think the gear ratios are a tiny bit taller with the SC though).
  3. Yuuto

    Yuuto New Member

    For me it depends.
    For city:
    1st It is a useless gear unless your on a big hill.
    2nd 0-20km
    3rd 20-40
    4th 40 - 50
    5th I shif in to to keep the revs lower normaly 50km till 60km depending on the road.

    If i am on the ramp to get to the high way. my gear shifts look like this
    1st 0- 5km
    2nd 5km - 25km
    3rd 25km- 45 sometimes 50km
    4th 45km or 50km - 75km
    5th 75km - 100km (normal regardless of the speed limit i cruse around 80-90km to save gas and such.)

    I have a Subaru sambar 1991 NO s/c on it.

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