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Shake in front end.

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by b_eastep, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    i have a 98 carry with 14" alum wheels and 175/65/14 tires. i have a shake in the front end between 54-60 mph. the prob is it doesnt do it all the time. seems that if i go around a moderate curve it will stop shaking afterwards or start untill i go around another curve. not sure if it matters which way the curve is. other times its as smooth as glass. iv rotated the tires around with no apparent difference. dont remember this happening with stock wheels and tires but i just started driving it a lot more since i tagged it nov 1st.
    if it was a wheel out of balance wouldnt it do it all the time?
  2. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    if it were an out of balance tire you would have a constant problem. but when you turn a curve and it goes away, leads me to believe it's the alignment.
  3. Mini4WD

    Mini4WD Member

    I'm with Milt, I believe it is in the front end alignment from what you are describing. I'm wondering if it could be a worn bushing in one of the tie-rod ends. Raise the front end and check for any play.
  4. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    larger tires will always put a little more stress on all the steering components. i have nocticed this on every vehicle i have put larger tires on... and even on my mighty mini. as soon as i stepped up to the 185/14's i picked up a shimmy that balance has take away most of, but it's not completely gone. i just haven't had the ability to get under the truck and tinker with the toe settings, and have also been putting it off until i get my new front springs, i'm sure it will need alignment once i get those in.
  5. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    thanks guys. im just affraid that finding a place anywhere close to me to do an alignment will take an act of congress.
    anynoe know the alignment specs on a 98 suzuki?
  6. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member


    so i went by an alignment shop and they said it was not my alignment. not only that but since i dont have caster and camber adjustment on my ride that it would cost $45 per side + $45 to do the alignment. i dont have $135 to spend on an alignment that wont solv my prob.
    so yesterday i was driving it home from work and when it started to shake i kept one foot on the gas to keep it at a constant speed and with the other foot i applied the brake. wow, the shake got out of controll. so now im really comfused. im thinking warped brake rotor but that really dont make any sence.
  7. Mighty Milt

    Mighty Milt Active Member

    i had a truck that would do just what you are describing (jeep commanche) and it was a crack in the frame rail. you probably need to get under there and take a close look at EVERYTHING. get friendly with your truck and grab and shake everything you can. listen carefully while you do that for creaks and clunks too.
  8. Mini4WD

    Mini4WD Member

    I'm sort of thinking if it was a warped brake rotor it would do it all the time and not just when you go around corners. Sounds like something is worn, broke, or loose that gives you that extra play in the front end when you make turns.
  9. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    it rarely does it around corners. just mostly in the straights.
  10. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Any chance of putting the stock tires back on for a comparision run?

    Also what are the 14" rims you have on? make? model? offset?

    Is there any play in the steering wheel at rest?
  11. rayallen

    rayallen Member

    b estep....can you put your original wheels back on and try it. If you have 4 wheeler wheels on it they may be the cause because they put the truck weight at a different place on the front wheel bearings than the manufacturer designed the truck to run. Check the tightness of both front wheel bearings.If you can find a tire dealer with the old style tire balancer that spins the wheel on the truck try them, my 96 ford 250 would shake at 70 mph and the new style balancer would not fix it. The old swtyle proved the tires were out of round. The tires were out of round, put on new ones and it fixed it. ray allen
  12. Mini4WD

    Mini4WD Member

    I must have read your original post wrong because I took it that the curves had something to do with the shaking.
  13. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    no more play at rest than what should be normal. i took the wheels and tires off my gf 99 escort and tried them before i even bought these wheels and tires. the shake was there then but i just figured it was an out of balance tire. put stockers back and it went away till i put these wheels and tires on. i believe the wheels are Socci's and i cant remember the offset. seems like it was 35mm though. they are dunlop street tires. i will check the wheel bearings and such out this weekend but its opening day of rifle season saturday so not sure how much attention i can pay to it.
    just thought this might have been a common prob that someone has run into before.
    oh, and i did kinda check them for out of round the redneck way of putting it up on jackstands and running it.
  14. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    Sacci 212. and offset is 40mm.
  15. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    After reading everything through for a second time the only thing that I can think of is that it must be something
    to do with the rim offset putting the new tire in a different spot in relation to the center line of the wheel bearing.

    Maybe the toe in needs to be changed just a fraction of a inch?

    If he has reinstalled the stockers and it goes away then that kind of narrows it to the tire/ rim combo.

    If the rim was bent you'd know it all the time and likewise if it was a balance problem I think.
    Not to mention the fact that it did it with another set of tires as well [Escort]

    Not sure what the toe in setting for your zuki should be but I'm starting to lean that way as a cause.

    Maybe try a different alignment shop and give them the whole story, a good alignment specialist
    should have some ideas you would think.
  16. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    i agree. my next step is to go back over everything this weekend. and then see a diff alignment shop for a 2nd opinion.
  17. chaddy454

    chaddy454 New Member

    shake in front end

    it could be your ball joint. i just had the same problem with mine and it turned out to be the lower pass. side ball joint i am in the process of changing it right now
  18. Wyothing

    Wyothing New Member

    What about a wheel bearing? I had a car with a bearing going out that when I turned away from the affected wheel it improved and when I turned toward it it worsened. I am not sure but these have to have wheel bearings. Maybe one is going out.
  19. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    ball joints and bearings are good from what i can tell. the only movement i can get out of it is the upper bushing on the driver side strut. the one where the strut sticks through the body right under the seat. the shake is getting worse and has moved down to about 53mph when it starts. starting to drive me mad.
  20. Dara Graham

    Dara Graham New Member

    Suzuki Shake

    I have also encountered the 'death shake' and think it is related to the
    Front Struts on the 98 Suzuki. I know the struts are bad, andI am trying to find a cross-over shock/strut and have not been able to find one yet :frustration:. Has anyone found a front strut that will fit the Suzuki?
  21. doraville

    doraville New Member

    I've got the same problem on my '98 Suzuki Carry. The truck had a lift kit with ATV wheels and tires on it when I got it. I'm going to jack it up and check everything for excess play. If I don't find anything worn, I'll try getting it realigned.

  22. LarryMorris

    LarryMorris New Member

    Find The Problem?

    Did any of you guys find the problem with your Carry's.
    I am experiencing the same thing now that I have put the aluminum wheels and ATV tires on with a 2" lift kit.
    One of the wheels had to have quite a bit of weight added and I am ready to put the old tires & wheels back on. I am noticing that the front left tire is wearing more on the outside but just barely noticeable as of now.
    If it is the tires only then I will put regular street tires on the aluminum wheels this time.

  23. Dara Graham

    Dara Graham New Member

    We have NOT found the problem, other than the trucks so NOT shake with the original wheels. Wheel supplier says it is the hubs, and the new alum wheels must be 'drilled' for proper fit, and request we send hub and wheel to them. We have not done so yet. Not sure that is right because it is only SOME of the trucks that we have problems with and one is a Honda-2 are Suzuki. I believe the wheels are mis-manufactured. We'll see
  24. b_eastep

    b_eastep Member

    just finally got a new computer. still have problem. had some mud on my wheels and it drove a lot better. now their clean and it sucks agean. toed it in a little bit and couldnt even drive the damn thing. now im back to square one.
  25. RuggedCraig

    RuggedCraig New Member

    Anyone try a steering damper??
    Once you lift a jeep you can' go without damper..
  26. Ran440

    Ran440 Member

    I had the " Death Wobble ". What would set mine off was hitting a bump. Applying the brakes and slowing down would get it to stop.
    Kept checking for play and finally found play in passenger side ball joint in control arm. Replacement made a huge improvement, but I think there is play in the tie rod ends as well. Have the whole set on order and will be installed soon.
  27. RuggedCraig

    RuggedCraig New Member

    Ran440 how did you make out?? my front end is all good going to try steering damper.
  28. Ran440

    Ran440 Member

    I got the tie rod ends installed and the old one did have play in them even though I couldn't shuck them around. If I grabbed the the tie rod and twisted it, it moved very easily. Out and on the bench they felt sloppy. Now it is firm. Ball joint and tie rod ends made a huge improvement. I did a caveman front end alignment, but I think I don't have quite enough toe.
    Will have to give it a little more. I can drive fast again so very happy.
    BTW I am running oversized 13" steel wheels with 175/70R 13 tires and 2" lift.
  29. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    Ok, basic mechanic skills: The right way to check ball joints, tie rod ends, etc., is with a dial indicator, with a magnetic mount. A helper makes this lots easier.

    Jack up one side, just enough to get the tire off the ground. Attach the dial indicator, to the tie rod, and push the tire to one side, to put a side load on the rod end, and zero it, then push/pull to go the opposite direction, and see how much play is in the end. There hound be less than a couple of thousandths of an inch.
  30. milmor88

    milmor88 Member

    Ran440, I have the exact same issue, mine mostly happens at low speed.....if i hit a decent bump....it starts to wobble pretty good if I jerk the wheel to one side or the other it goes away. I've only had the issue at slow speeds (<40km/hr). Where did you get the tie rod ends?

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