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Service Manual, Daihatsu Hijet Left Hand Drive

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet References' started by MiniTruckSupply, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Wanted to share a quick update.

    In our continuing efforts to expand online information resources on our website, we have recently completed the S80LP & S81LP Service Manual upload.

    While this is applicable to the LHD S80 & S81 trucks built from 1986-1996, it is also a great reference to the Japanese RHD S80, S81 and in many cases the S83.

    To find the docs go to our website and look under the "Resource Links" located on the left navigation pane.

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  2. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    wow that is extremely helpful.....lot's of stuff my other manual has omitted...thank you for that:)
  3. Glad to hear your comments fupa!

    We've worked quite a bit to get this stuff online for the community to have convenient access to it. It's time to start spreading the word.

    Suggestions are always welcomed!
  4. autopat

    autopat New Member

    I requested access, will you notify me via email if I'm granted access?

  5. dorkpunch

    dorkpunch New Member

    Ditto... Guess they are out of business? Tried several times to request access and havent heard back. Also tried the phone number but got nothing but answering machines... :confused:
  6. I ordered a tune up kit from there last week, and received it within a few days..tried to contact them via phone and email for a tracking number and never got a response..the have zero communication skills, but on the up side I did get what I paid for. Wouldn't use them again though for fear if there happen to be an issue with the order...
  7. mlhare

    mlhare New Member

  8. DavidArnold

    DavidArnold New Member

    Thanks - What I've been trying to get!

    Thanks - What I've been trying to get!

    OPSTECH1 New Member

    I recently bought a 1994 Hijet (according to the tag on the seat belt) for my 14 year old son to do odd jobs with around the neighborhood. The information in the manual from the above link is highly desirable. I am under the impression that our truck has the 660cc engine, however the literature I saw pertains to the 550cc engine model. I was wondering if all other information other than the engine specs would apply to our truck.
    The truck we have is a 4x4(push button) with a manual 5 speed trans. The body is very good with no rust through anywhere including the frame which is still factory white. The 145-12 tires are in good shape. All lights and guages seem to work as they should. The engine starts easily and shows no sign of smoking at start up or other. It shows 44000 kms (27000 Miles?) which I believe to be correct judging by the condition of the interior and the gas, brake, and clutch pedal rubber pads. We gave $3800 for it and felt it was a good deal. Any suggestions or opinions that anyone might have please, let me have em. Thanks.
  10. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    sounds like a good deal...everything in that manual is nearly identical to your truck except for the valve lash specs,and spark plugs
  11. OPSTECH1

    OPSTECH1 New Member

    Thanks, I appreciate your help. Lookin forward to tinkering with this truck. We have a Kawasaki Mule 3010 and it hasn't moved since we got the Hijet. My son took to the 5spd like a duck to water. If anyone has any particular wisdom, I'd sure appreciate it. In turn, anything I might learn I'll pass along.
  12. Minime

    Minime New Member

  13. Minime

    Minime New Member

    I went to the above website to get to the service manuals and requested access a week ago but haven't heard anything yet.
  14. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    Scroll down to about the 7th reply and click on the link it will come up. I've bookmarked it.It is for S80 & S81.
  15. Jim Nelson

    Jim Nelson Active Member

    Scroll down to about the 7th reply and click on the link it will come up. I've bookmarked it.It is for S80 & S81.The reply is by mlhare.
  16. Marywilsn

    Marywilsn New Member

    Daihatsu hijet have been in lot of demand lately and so do it's parts. Daihatsu hijet parts are easily available on online stores because of the increased demands.
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  17. bdougl

    bdougl New Member

    I know this is an old thread - but I am in search of a diagram for the vacuum lines for a S80 - the links in this thread do not take me to any types of manuals. If anyone can supply links or diagrams - that would be great

  18. dustint

    dustint New Member

    Ditto, the manuals aren't available at those links anymore. Can anyone provide a current link?
  19. onlyincali

    onlyincali New Member

    Can anyone help with LHD S80 manual please!?
  20. Tori Bean

    Tori Bean New Member

    I am also looking for a LHD S80 manual....does anyone have a pdf of it or know where one can be found these days??
  21. mrybot

    mrybot New Member

    hey this site seems to be gone now. i need a workshop manual for the eb 550cc engine. or a 550cc atrai truck but i doubt thats going to happen. lol
    anyone able to help me at all?
  22. ttc

    ttc Active Member

    site i went to in past is down gggr
  23. mrybot

    mrybot New Member

  24. Stefan Zissa

    Stefan Zissa New Member

    Does anyone have a copy of the s80 manual they can email?
    The link on this old post is no good.
  25. JTT3

    JTT3 Member

    I’m looking for the manual also for a LHD S80. HELP US PLEASE. THANKS JOHN
  26. Jigs-n-fixtures

    Jigs-n-fixtures Well-Known Member

    The factory. Service and parts manuals for the S80, and S81 LHD Utility vehicles show up on eBay pretty frequently. There is one on now for $50+$18 shipping.
  27. Limestone

    Limestone Well-Known Member

    If your talking about the refurbished one,(copy from original) it's a little hard to read, and the reprint could have done a better job! Great info, when you can read and understand it, but it's a challenge!
  28. David Browning

    David Browning New Member

    Need repair manual complete with part numbers for 2000 Daihatsu S210P.

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