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SAS'd minitruck?

Discussion in 'General Truck Info' started by RCCruiser, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. RCCruiser

    RCCruiser New Member

    Longtime lurker, first time minitruck owner here.

    Finally found the perfect truck. Daihatsu Hijet Jumbo.
    It has a blown motor, so I got it cheap. I haven't decided which route I want to go... Rebuild the engine, and keep it pretty much as is, but the cylinders have bad pitting.
    Drivetrain swap and solid axle swap SAS.

    I read this thread years ago, and there are some good ideas there, but I'd like a more conventional front engine/trans/rear tcase, not the fwd motor mounted sideways.


    Anyways, looking for inspiration or links to other SAS minitrucks.
    I'm not afraid of the mods, as I did a SAS on my 89 4Runner back in the late 90's, with a Ford 5.0L swap on 37's, as well as a LWB Samurai with Toyota engine/trans/tcase/axles on 38's

    image.png image.jpeg image.png
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  2. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    I plan to SAS mine this winter with narrow track CJ axles with 2.73 gears and a VW 2.0 gasser with TDI transaxle. I need to get a Golf TDI finished and out of my garage before I start. Too many projects!

    I did a linked front coil + shock SAS on my 97 Dakota in 2004, been wheeling since 2002 or so.

    My Mighty Mite is a mosquito repelling engine crane and debris hauler right now, since it's plated I'd like to have it happy for local running around, and I also plan to have it set up as a pit vehicle for the offroad and short course racing my friends and I do.

    I've got probably 80% of what I need, the major decisions I haven't yet made are tire size and front suspension design, and – related – whether I'm going to throw an Astro box I have in it for power steering or not. I probably will, but I'll definitely have some reinforcement to do for box mounting. I'll probably tie everything together through the front wall to a strong bumper in order to keep radiator room and foot room, especially if I do leaf springs and need front hangers as well.

    I hadn't searched the topic here yet, I look forward to reading through that thread you linked.
  3. RCCruiser

    RCCruiser New Member

    The poster in the link I added also used narrow track jeep axles. Not the strongest axles in the world, thats for sure.
    My Hijet measures 53.3" WMS to WMS. A toyota axle is only 55.5", and since I have an extra pair, one with an Elocker, thats what I would use if it gets to that point.
    Might have to search the Astro steering box. I had thought of turning a Toyota box backwards, as well as the pitman arm, to get crossover steering.
  4. phillip s martin

    phillip s martin New Member

    There is a company here in Houston that stocks used engines for our trucks...pm me if you need the number....they quoted me $1650 for my Mitsu for a longblock add 200 for the complete motor assembly. (With a six month warranty)

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