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Sambar thermostat

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by BIGSTEVE77, Feb 16, 2009.


    BIGSTEVE77 New Member

    I need a new thermostat, and "o" ring or gasket for my 1993 Sambar. I wonder if anyone knows if their is a local unit available from NAPA, Subaru etc. The problem is that the vehicle takes too long to warm up to proper operating temperature.
  2. Colin

    Colin Member

    The Stant catalog has a pretty decent illustrated guide. If it's a standard round steel thermostat, you'll probably be able to find a replacement that way.

    Find a good parts store - Napa or something - and show up in the evening. Parts guys hate it when you show up with a "project" type request at lunchtime and they have to spend half an hour looking through catalogs when there are phones ringing off the hooks and a dozen angry people standing behind you. :eek:

  3. GR.mike

    GR.mike Member

    I have what you need in stock for $38.00 w/gasket

    BIGSTEVE77 New Member

    Thanks, but I went back to the dealer and they replaced for free. I have a 3 year warranty with a $100.00 deductible, but they waved it.
  5. Forx

    Forx New Member

    anybody ever find a part compatible thermostat for the 93 Sambar? I realize this is a really old post but I'm just checking before I pay $35 and $35 shipping from overseas. Oh and also apparently I have to call Visa EVERY time I want to order parts from over seas to get it approved.... convenient. It would be really nice if I could just go to Napa, Autozone, or even Amazon and order a Justy $9 thermostat. Just like the Mobile 1 M1-108A oil filter that has been working amazing.
  6. Maximal

    Maximal Active Member

    maybe pop out your thermostat and take it to Napa to see if its the same size, some stuff crosses between Justy and Sambar and i wouldnt be suprised if the thermostats cross over
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  7. Botl01

    Botl01 Active Member

    Check out the spreadsheet that was posted in the Sambar Reference page by rkrenicki, line 22. It fits his 1992 Supercharged model, it may fit yours.

    See below for his post.

    I have been maintaining an extensive spreadsheet of every part I have looked up for my truck, along with dealer pricing, Cross references, aftermarket part numbers, and US availabiltity. Some parts are specific to the 1992 KS4 Supercharged Model, but many are generic to the series.

    I have it on Google Drive, and it can be found here:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mASg41uyMmMQCKHPuEAaKd6tTgOhHdlgUGOQIc_ojwo/edit?usp=sharing
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  8. Forx

    Forx New Member

    Thanks for that I've both downloaded it and using it online as a reference just cuz it's good enough that I don't ever want to lose it.
  9. rkrenicki

    rkrenicki Active Member

    I add things to that spreadsheet quite often. Recently I started populating all of the gearbox parts on there, so you may want to check if your downloaded copy is up to date every now and then.

    Otherwise, the thermostat is the same for all 1990-1999 vehicles, regardless of supercharger or not.
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  10. Special Kei

    Special Kei New Member

    You sir are a god. I really appreciate the work you have put into that spreadsheet. Incredible
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  11. MichTrucks

    MichTrucks Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Yes, you can buy these at any auto parts store. Just take your old one with you. Noticed that your original one has a weep hole and so you may need to drill that we hole in the new one.
    That small hole that you drill is to enable you to bleed the air out of the system past the thermostat. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at any time@goldstarparts.com.
  12. udidwht

    udidwht Member

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