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Sambar spring change

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by r/c guy, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. r/c guy

    r/c guy Member

    O.K. so I've researched all afternoon about changing the springs on my '93 Sambar 2wd and I've come to the conclusion Afco Springs are the way to go right? This truck is driven on-road only with 175/70r/13 snows mounted on Nissan rims.Whenever I hit a bump (however small) I get a jarring like you wouldn't believe! At first I thought the truck was oversprung since it takes considerable effort to push the front bumper or box down by hand. I weigh under 200 lbs and don't have any extra weight added. From what I can see I should be using 10" x 2 5/8" x 225# springs for the rear? What should I use for the front struts? (the same?) I want it to ride more like a car than a lumber wagon!
  2. hrcollinsjr

    hrcollinsjr Member

    I installed Eibach springs as I thought the diameter fit the spring seats better than the commonly used coilover springs. I have a '92 4wd Dump truck and my wife & I weigh a total of 400#. I installed 250# springs. It raised the front and stiffened the ride considerably. We could probably have gotten away with 225# for a softer ride.



    P.S. Still haven't finished with the supension. The front is currently higher than the rear. I think I located suitable progressive springs for the rear. Now if I can just remember where they were. :eek:
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  3. r/c guy

    r/c guy Member

    Thanks for the tip,I'll look into that. Let me know how the rear springs go. (if you find them)
  4. r/c guy

    r/c guy Member

    Sambar Spring rates

    I heard that the older Sambar's spring rate is 160#, is this correct?
    Is it the same for rear?
  5. r/c guy

    r/c guy Member

    Sambar Spring Rates

    So by the looks of it I should likely use 200# springs?
  6. r/c guy

    r/c guy Member

    do you have the part # ?
    I couldn't find them.
  7. r/c guy

    r/c guy Member

    Now I'm really confused :confused:
    From what I've read everyone seems to be using 10" Afco coilover springs.
    Is this for everyone except Sambar owners? I've measured and took pics and they both seem to be around 6" long. also since it's a pre '99 model is the stock spring rate 160# ?
    Please set me straight before I waste my money on the wrong springs.

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  8. hrcollinsjr

    hrcollinsjr Member

    Sorry to leave you hanging for sooo long.

    I had a shop test my springs and he called them a light 200# spring. I measured the spring I.D. and came out with a 3 inch I.D. I think others have used a more common and cheaper coilover spring with a slightly smaller I.D. successfully. I went with Eibach springs, P/N 1000.300.250S. The first # is height-10 inches, the second part is I.D.-3 inches, and the last is the spring rating of 250 pounds. The springs are flat ground on each end whereas my Sambar's weren't. I cut the flat ground part off of one end to allow it to seat properly and left the other end flat.

    I'll have to check my notes but IIRC it lifted my truck ~1.5 inches. I used 1 inch spacers between my control arms to help correct the camber. I will probably come back later and cut the springs again to help with the camber.

    I'm running 13x5 wheels with 13/155/80 series tires. At one time I found some progressive rate springs that looked like that would be perfect for the rear of my little dump truck. Didn't bookmark them though. :frustration:

    Hope this helps a bit.

  9. r/c guy

    r/c guy Member

    Thanks for you're input.
    so if you have to cut the springs to correct camber, wouldn't it be better to use 8" springs, or did you think I would be using the lower end of the shock travel?
    you have a Sambar right?
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  10. fupabox

    fupabox Well-Known Member

    I haven't read many posts with spring changes for the Sambar...you will need to take a strut out and remove the spring to find out exactly what the original spring length is..A 200# spring would prob. suffice if you are looking for a better ride with improved bump absorbing...when you say you hit a bump and it is jarring..is the spring hitting the bump stop or is the suspension just not moving at all??.the aftermarket springs come in all different lengths so as long as the inner/outer diameter is good,the afcos should work...not sure on the rears but with rear engine and the load area in the rear I would think 200# is too low...to test the rating you can remove a spring and stack weight on it until it compresses 1 inch..that will give you a ballpark of the #s of the original spring..
  11. Jessf

    Jessf Member

    I've never read a post where someone actively quotes themself into confusion :D
  12. hrcollinsjr

    hrcollinsjr Member

    I still haven't installed new rear springs yet, but I did do a little work on correcting the camber problem. I inserted some 1" spacers to help with the camber issue. It improved it some and I will probably finish correcting it by cutting the front springs once I've located (again) and installed some stiffer rear springs. Depending on the anticipated lift the rear springs will give my truck the camber issue may correct itself. I'm not necessarily looking to lift my truck as much as I'm trying to improve all road ride quality and carrying capacity. It seems like any time I put much of a load in the bed of the truck that it sits on the bump stops. :(
    I probably should go back at some point and drop the sway frame mounts an 1".


    P.S. Changing the ride height will effect the alignment. Weight to simulate the driver and passenger IF it will frequently be carrying one might be advisable.

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  13. hrcollinsjr

    hrcollinsjr Member

    The manuals that came with my motorcycles gave me reason to believe the Sambars were probably sprung for someone the size of the average 130#-155# Japanese operators. Driving across an open hay field at anything more than ~5mph caused the suspension to bottom out and I felt like I was really abusing the truck. Since the installation of the stiffer springs I've done some spirited driving (chasing cows) and haven't bottomed it out.

    I paid a guy at a race shop to test my springs.

  14. Deanclean

    Deanclean Member

    Thanks for posting the pictures. I'll probably pick up some spacers and do the same thing.

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