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Sambar Crankshaft Pulley Bolt

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Botl01, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Botl01

    Botl01 Active Member

    I just bought a new timing belt and water pump for my 1997 Sambar Truck but can't get the pulley bolt off. I bought a new 1/2" impact wrench and still can not get it off.

    Anyone else have this problem? Any ideas or helpful hints? It is a right hand thread,correct?
  2. SpikeFiend

    SpikeFiend Member

    I seem to remember the crank pulley bolt being tough, even with an impact wrench (electric one). It's a normal bolt, so counter-clockwise should loosen it.

    I had to leave the wrench on there for a good 30 seconds or so, if I recall. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, bam - it's loose.
  3. Botl01

    Botl01 Active Member

    Thanks, at least I know it's a right hand thread. Headed to the rental store this weekend for a larger impact wrench. The 1/2" would not take it off. And this is after several applications of Blaster spray.
  4. Smabarwala

    Smabarwala New Member

    You can also use the wheel wrench to loose this bolt. Put the vhicle in 5th gear, remove the rear right wheel and engage a rod or any obstacle in wheel studs (to stop the wheel from moving). If bolt is hard, slight hitting on wheel wrench by a hammer can make the work easier.

    This procedure is not as good as the maintenance ethics should be but works if you are in troubble and want a quick solution.
  5. Botl01

    Botl01 Active Member

    Broke down and bought a 3/4" Impact wrench. Bolt came loose in about five seconds. Thanks for the info.:)
  6. Bamboozle

    Bamboozle New Member

    Hey, heres a simple alternative to a impact:
    Remove #1 spark plug and insert a 3/16" rope cord by pushing it in to the cylinder"about 10"-12"worth. Turn the motor over manually with a socket wrench until the engine locks. Use a short snip to loosen off the bolt as needed.

    This little trick I learned working on Skidoo engines when removing the clutch drive bolts. It works great.

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