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S83P Experts, what is this fitting?

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by Steve S83, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Steve S83

    Steve S83 New Member

    This fitting is clearly corroded and no longer has a hose attached. Coolant was leaking out of the bottom because it was not tight. Can anyone tell me what it is, what it does or what its called so I can replace it?

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  2. Steve S83

    Steve S83 New Member

    Sorry, should have given more info, it's on the intake side of the union between the throttle body and the intake. Right on top of everything.

  3. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    Sorry Steve
    Just saw this I’ll take a look at my Daihatsu and let you know .
    The picture is a little close so it hard to tell right off the top of my head but it might be part of the manafold heating system to keep it from icing by running warm engine coolant thru it .
  4. Steve S83

    Steve S83 New Member

    Koffer, I've been so busy I didn't post an update. Sorry. I still don't know what this thing is but it is not threaded, it just pulls out. The leak was actually a coolant line buried up against the carb/intake flange that should have been attached to the fitting in question. Once I realized that was the line that I could find, it was as simple as attaching it and a new hose clamp. Heater works, temp stays right where it should.
  5. Koffer

    Koffer Donating Member

    No problem
    Glad you got it figured out
    As for the timing belt .
    Do it with the water pump and tensioner as it’s a 25+ old rubber band

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