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S110 4x4 question

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet' started by jmcindric, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. jmcindric

    jmcindric New Member

    My Hijet has a 4x4 button on the dash, no lever between the seats. No light has ever come on in the instrument cluster to tell me it was engaged. When the button is in the on position (out) I never really noticed a difference in the way that the truck drove (mostly driving on pavement). I began to question if the 4x4 was working. I changed all the vacuum lines and verified voltage to the vsv (?) under the passenger seat. Good vac a the solenoids and good voltage. Decided to jack the truck up on all 4 corners and put the truck in gear. The first time I tried it the rear wheels spun but not the front, put the truck in neutral turned on 4x4 put in gear and low and behold all 4 started spinning but still no light on dash, guessing it's burned out(?).

    So here is my question...what is the proper procedure for engaging 4x4? Have truck in neutral, hit button, put it in gear and go? or do you shift on the fly?
  2. Mini_hijet

    Mini_hijet Member

  3. Roadster

    Roadster Member

    Mine will not engage when I press the 4WD button unless I am travelling under about 10 kph. I think it is best to stop, press the button; it goes into 4WD and the light comes on the dash once you start moving . That light on the dash (red) is quite hard to see when on. When direct light hits the dash, I thought my light wasn't coming on either. It will not come on (or engage) if the button is pushed and you are going more than about 10kph. Also, I noticed when it is below freezing and you are starting from cold, it takes a few feet of movement before the 4WD engages and the light comes on which makes sense...
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