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S/C Sambar EN07 Aftermarket Fuel Pump

Discussion in 'Subaru Sambar' started by Timetripper, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Timetripper

    Timetripper Moderator

    Aftermarket alternative for fuel pump for 90~? S/C Sambar EN07
    This is a higher pressure pump than used on carb'd engine.

    Jideco E8059 [NAPA uses same #] as used on following stock apps:
    • Subaru DL 1986~1989
    • Subaru GL 1986~1989
    • Subaru GL-10 1986~1989
    • Subaru Loyale 1990~1994
    • Subaru Loyale Turbo 1990
    • All above are TBI

    The stock pump is pictured below - they can be Hitachi or Jecs or ? brands

    This is the aftermarket Jideco pump

    What you have to do to make this pump work on a Sambar:

    • Although the mounting flange with the rubber grommets looks the same it is not quite the same. The mounting holes have slightly different centers. So I reused the old mount.
    • This brings us to problem #2 - To use the new pump in the old bracket.
      The new pump [Jideco] is quite a bit smaller O.D. than the oem pump, something like 41 mm vs 54 mm O.D..
      I made up a sleeve to go around the new pump to bring it up to the O.D. of the oem pump so the clamp would hold it securly in place.
    • Problem #3 - The plug on the wiring harness is different than on the Sambar so I soldered and heatshrinked my old connector on to the new pump.
    • The good news is that both the inlet and outlet are the correct size and orientation

    When I got my truck it wouldn't start due to a failed pump so I installed a used stock pump from a importer to get it going.
    That pump cost me $200.00 CAD and lasted less than a year and less than 10K kms
    and was getting ready to go again.

    The list price on the NAPA pump is $133.00 CAD and a far better value than getting a used pump of unknown quality


    Things to consider for using other than a stock fuel pump:

    The volume that the stock pump puts out is matched to what the engine uses for fuel in a hour with a safety factor built in.
    Excess fuel beyond what the engine uses at any given time is returned via the return line to the tank.
    Choosing to large a volume pump for the EN07 will return a large volume of fuel via the return line which will start heating up the fuel quite a bit.
    I looked for the smallest size engine [1800 cc and 90 HP] that was fuel injected and that had a similar configuration on the inlet/ outlet that I could find
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
  2. Jessf

    Jessf Member

    not sure if I'm allowed to post in this thread, but after roughly 3 years of use, how's the aftermarket puel pump doing? Any issues to speak of?

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