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Running too rich at idle after carb rebuild

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by Felipe Acosta, Jun 10, 2024.

  1. Felipe Acosta

    Felipe Acosta New Member Supporting Member

    I have a 1988 Acty Street Van with the E05A engine. I recently had the carburetor rebuilt by a well known rebuilder that does carb rebuilds for a major mini truck importer. After reinstalling the carburetor, the car ran very poorly, sputtering and smoking for several minutes until eventually smoothing out. After letting it warm up, it would smoke if you snap the throttle and fall on its face if you tried driving it. I took the carb back to the rebuilder to have them check it out and all they could do was reset the adjustment screws and visually inspect it, as they don’t have a way of flow testing it. So I reinstall it after wards and it continued to do the same thing. I contacted them again, and they told me that I couldn’t bring them the vehicle as they are not a repair shop. So I got a friend of mine who is knowledgeable on older Hondas to give me a hand and what we found was the top cover for the needle valve was installed backward and the valve was sticking. After getting the valve to move freely and installing the cover correctly, the engine ran much better. We were able to set the idle speed, and the car accelerates and runs ok. The issue I have now is it runs very rich at idle, like you can see a thin haze of smoke at the tail pipe, and it belches thick black smoke when you snap the throttle. We tried turning the fuel screw all the way in, which should cause the engine to cut out, but it still runs. Have verified that all vacuum lines are hooked up properly and are not leaking, water is flowing through the choke thermovalve, and the fuel cutoff solenoid is operating. As far as I know, there is no carb rebuild kit for the E05A, so they used one for an E07A. Could it be that the Jets are a little too big and over fueling, or the float isn’t set correctly? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, as the car ran relatively fine prior to the carb rebuild, and I only did it to see if it would make starting the car a little easier since I thought it was flooding or vapor locking.

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