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Rifle rack inside cab

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by jsize26, May 24, 2009.

  1. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for posting the pics. I like it, and definatly a plus for you leftys. :D
  2. h2onut

    h2onut New Member

    Well I guess in thinking inside the box, there is not a whole lot of lengthy spaces. I am thinking of making a vertical single rifle holder. I have over 48" from floor to ceiling in my 95 suzuki. This would be to the left of my stick shifter and radio and would not affect the passengers legs. Maybe some sort of a boot with a rubberized cam locking system. On mine there is sort of a natural place to do this. I don't mind screwing into the floor or sidewall under passenger seat for support. This would accomodate most of the rifles/shotguns I would want to carry.
  3. quadzmoto

    quadzmoto New Member

    gun rack

    I bought a set of atv clamp on gun racks. Drilled holes in the plastic dash and used nuts and washers to sandwich the plastic. I have the barrel pointed to the right so the gun sits perfectly over the raised dash. The rifle is as easy to get at as it was when it was in the passenger seat.
  4. lmnafc

    lmnafc New Member

    gun rack in a mini

    one quick way of putting a gun rack in a mini is i took some foam rubber from a old matress and cut it to the shape of dash and cut out for gun and scope. it fits my shotgun and rifle and gun never moves, have been on some rough roads in my truck. just be shure to cut out for defroster vents if you want defroster to work.
  5. Hullroad

    Hullroad New Member

    The some police cars have a shot gun mount that holds guns vertical like you mentioned.....Might do you good to peek into a few cruisers. No I do not get many rides in them......:D....Just worked on a few at the dealer ship
  6. h2onut

    h2onut New Member

    From what I have found in the $60-$100 range you can find them from 3 different companies including Great Day, Big sky racks, and Kolpin all sold thru diff vendors and sites.

    big sky makes an overhead mount for single or double here is a pic. [​IMG]

    Kolpin makes a floor mount that will work. [​IMG]
  7. native

    native Member


    I mounted my Kolpin hardcase gun boot to the outside rear window just pop the back off and get some venison:D

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