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Riding in Pa

Discussion in 'United States' started by striper sniper, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. striper sniper

    striper sniper New Member

    I have been looking into taking the trucks to pa but with no luck.Awaiting responce from state parks. Looks like they will be classified as class II and only able to go with permission. Seems they dont even make a reg for utvs. Any suggestion or info.:pop: Potter county is beautiful and with 41 miles of trails looks real good
  2. Mighty Whitey

    Mighty Whitey New Member

    Sideliners and Sand

    I dont have any ideas in Pa but if you are into Fishing and Trucks. I suggest Island Beach State Park NJ in September and October .No crowds and only 85 miles from Philly. I just bought my S8DLP Diahatsu yesterday and hope to fish with it in the Spring once I restore it.If you are from South Western Pa i would make the trip to Assateague Island for the Spring Striper Run. The state or National Park are both great. Wild Ponies roam the island 10 miles south of Ocean City MD. I am asuming you have a way to trailer truck.They are not made to be street legal Right? If a Smart car can do it so can you
  3. King7765

    King7765 New Member

    I know this is an OLD thread, but there is a park called AOAA
    Location: 4100 State Route 125, Coal Township, PA 17866
    Website: http://www.anthraciteadventure.com/pages/Home.aspx

    We took our crawlers there and realised this park is more suited for atv's, dirtbikes, utv's etc. My friend and I are planning to take our mini trucks and atv's there.
    The trailhead/office has a huge flat stone parking lot and a very nice park office.
  4. Truckeee

    Truckeee New Member

    Checked the AOAA website. seems like an interesting place to visit.
  5. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    AOAA, Rausch Creek, Redding Anthracite permits but you'll need a local to show you around.
  6. Truckeee

    Truckeee New Member

    will take note of that

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