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Replacing the inner CV boot on the passenger-side axle.

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by charlesshoults, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. As I was changing the oil on the truck today, I noticed that my inner CV boot on the passenger side is torn and I'm slinging grease. I found inner and outer boots on ebay but I'm not 100% sure what I need. If it's anything like my Jeep, if I need to replace the inner boot, I have to replace the outer at the same time because it slides on from the outside. Has anyone performed this particular job on the mini and have any tips for the task?

  2. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member


    Well, I'll try, but it's a funny thing, getting an opinion on an idea VS getting direction for a procedure...
    It's like a recipe, kind'a like this;

    Recently, I tried to show my little sister how to cook-up my;

    "One-pot, Angry Sea Vegtable Chowder"; which she absolutly loves (to eat), and has begged me to give her the recipe for.

    So, not only did I take the time to write out the recipe in ultra-fine, retarded person detail (which I have never done before-not any recipe-on paper), but I took the day (her birthday) to mentor her through the first cook.
    Well, after the thousand'th "well, wouldn't it be better if we ?" and the thousand'th, "couldn't we get it to if we..?"
    I finally had to say "shad-up!!:frustration:, and stop asking questions!!"
    It's so simple;
    "You want the chowder right?"
    "So, do exactly as I say, throughout the process, as I've laid it out on paper, and at the end, you will have the chowder!!!"
    How can you not understand this? :confused:

    Turns out, it's not the quality of the instruction in the process, but the people, that come into question as to the probability of success of a specific procedure/project. Interesting....yes ? :sly:

    I think that's why, in general, men tend to make the best chefs; as they CAN follow direction/instruction, where woman cannot...:p
    Woman only see opinion, and tend to adjust action, based on their own...

    Anyway, just some rant time for me...

    Here are the boots I use;


    (pasted from-O8K-RANT)

    Let me tell you how it is done in a shop, and how you should do it:

    Place vehicle on hoist 6" above ground.
    Remove all four CV boot clamps.
    Pull back boot from inner CV bell housing.
    Remove inner CV joint cir-clip from inner lip.
    Remove lower control arm-to-frame retainer bolt.
    While seated on the ouside of the wheel, take a firm grip on the underside of the wheel and pull outward, untill inner joint assemble falls free.
    Remove inner CV race assembly retainer clip from half shaft.
    Remove bearing/race assembly from half shaft.
    Remove both inner and outer boots.

    Assembly is the reverce of the above.

    What can I say....one hour per side...and no playing around with the diff. If you go to a shop, this is what they will do, if they know what they are doing, but us "do it yourself" guys want to go ALL the way....and this is where we get into BARNY....


    TROUBLE!!! :frustration:


    spaner ;)
  3. Thanks. I was starting to wonder about the differential today. I can't confirm it, but I suspect there is a C-clip on the end of the axle shaft, inside the differential. I don't care to open it up if I don't have to. My CV boots should be in within the next couple days.
  4. Outer boot arrived yesterday, inner boot arrives today. I took a couple pictures this morning to see what I might need to do to lower the front differential carrier. From pictures I've seen online, the thought of a pair of steel brackets that look like shackles is about right. From the first picture below, it looks to me like I should probably replace the passenger-side oil seal as well. I may do that at a different time. Take care of the axle first, then visit a local fab shop and see if I can get a couple steel plates made. 3/8" thickness sound adequate?

  5. I found one place that has differential seals for $25.00 each. I did some searching and found another reference, then called Napa for a part number lookup. They don't have any in stock but can get them from a warehouse in Denver. I'll have two tomorrow morning.

  6. I have both of my boots. New differential axle seals will be here tomorrow.

    For the front differential, GL5. 75w-90 or 75w-140? .... Nevermind. Found a forum post that answered my question.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2014
  7. The axle took some persuasion to remove. I took the top of the strut tower loose and removed the brake caliper. Finally able to move it enough to slide the axle out. The inner boot was in pretty bad shape. The outer boot was well on it's way to failure, so due for replacement as well. I did not need to remove the differential cover to take the wire clip off. I was able to gently pry the axle out of the housing. It didn't resist much at all. The wire holding the inner CV joint into the housing was badly mangled. The good news is that I saw no evidence of water or debris in the grease. I was able to straighten the wire enough to reuse it. From the teeth marks on the wire, it looks like this has been done before and the guy went at it with pliers to straighten it out.

    Break time. Need to get some food in me. Installation and more pictures after.

  8. Axle shaft in place, differential not yet lowered. I've found that the lower ball joint is in pretty bad shape as well. I should also probably replace boots on the drivers side before too long. It's not hugely evident from the third picture, but the front end has some big camber problems. Tomorrow, I'm going to take the 2" lift off and adjust them to move as far inboard as possible. The truck would probably also benefit from slight longer lower control arms but that's wishful thinking.

  9. spaner

    spaner Well-Known Member

    Well man, I don't get onto here very often anymore, just too damed busy at work...but
    Pat-on-the-back for you, your pics are great, and your write-up is good; glad to have you here. Glad to have you contribute.

    I've done probly 6-six sets of front-end boots (mini-truck), 12, if you count both sides, 24, if you just count the boots.
    After 4 sets, I tried the above, (dad-rant; "waste of time boy, do it right") and you can probly see now that you've had her apart, that you don't actually need to do all that work. Just split the inner CV wilst on the truck, and leave the inner CV in the diff. Pull the inner CV cage, and the CV-shaft is avalable to replace boots (both).

    I drive the truck to destroy it, cu'z thats fun, and after the last set of boots, I came across the bronco's as depicted above. They are industructable, as the counter guy told me. Took with a grain of salt, but hey, they are; and no more swaps. Two seasons of tags and rocks, no leaks.

    Diff drop; don't do it...read, read, read...(stuffage)

    A-arm angle correction...hunibar; read some more...(drop the mount)

    Camber, camber correction bolt....(in the top)


    It's all here, even my posts are just worth the rant time now :sly:, cu'z the answers...


  10. jimhoodag

    jimhoodag New Member

    Thanks for the post. I changed the wheel bearings on the driver's side today trying to fix a squealing bearing. After reinstalling axle, I turned it to notice that the squealing was coming from the inner cv boot or differential. I see where fluid has leaked out. Is there a bearing and seal on the inner cv axle? If so, does anyone know the part numbers? Hunting season opens Saturday and I may be afoot.

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