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Repair handbook

Discussion in 'Microvans' started by KleinerMuck, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Displaced

    Displaced New Member

    If available, would you please send it to me aswell? Been searching everywhere for one.


  2. rcuellar

    rcuellar New Member

    hey guys i have a 1994 domingo with automatic transmission wen i put it in drive in only goes farword a few feet then the clutch temperature gauge comes on . can any one tell me wats goin on here
  3. znoebb

    znoebb New Member

  4. Gerrit

    Gerrit New Member

    Can you send me a copy of the repair manuel too?
    Thanx in advance, i will appreciate it very much. just bought a 1991 domingo(in europe Libero) with a lot of work and problems.

    Thanx Gerrit
  5. anthill

    anthill Member

  6. znoebb

    znoebb New Member


    Heb een duitse


  7. Jack subaruE10

    Jack subaruE10 New Member

    Hi guys can somebody please send me the manual of the e10/domingo/sumo please ? jl1991@live.ie
  8. davejohnsonnola

    davejohnsonnola New Member

    Lulu.com and or www.yokohamamotors.com has english manuals for the 1990 and new models.......I'm stuck trying to translate the german version for my 1988 e12 microvan
  9. KiwiPal

    KiwiPal New Member

    Hello all, I'm a newbie here having just bought a 1997 Subaru Domingo CV 1.18L Japanese import (model E-FA7, engine EF12). Does anyone have a copy of an English User Manual/Guide or Servicing Manual that they can e-mail to macuserade@aol.com ? Any help or advice gratefully received! Thanks, Ade
  10. Pappa Chaos

    Pappa Chaos New Member

    I'd love a copy of the 94+ Domingo repair manual mate, just did an oil & filter and now the oil won't circulate past the filter, the oil pump works as she spits oil with the filter removed, but back pushes it out of the air box otherwise. Tried 2 filters now, up on stands & supposed to be travelling from Vancouver to Oregon on Wed! Much love & respect if you could email it to me at chaoscollective@gmail.com. Many thanks, Papa C
  11. oleg-dymnich

    oleg-dymnich New Member

    [USER = 20694] [USER = 20694] @subi [/ USER]: руководство по ремонту будет приветствоваться заранее спасибо
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2016
  12. eperez

    eperez New Member

    Hi I could really use the FA8 service manual if you still have it available. Let me know, thanks!
  13. eperez

    eperez New Member

    Hi folks, does anyone still have that repair manual kicking around and willing to send me a copy? I will learn German if need be. Thanks!

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