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Removing Governor

Discussion in 'Performance' started by mhall, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. mhall

    mhall New Member

    Just purchased an 01 Diahatsu Hijet yesterday. Is there anyone in here that knows how to take the speed limiter off the truck? ;)
  2. erixun

    erixun Member

    Don't mean to be mean...but.... What kind of limiter? Electrical, mechanical?
  3. coolsol

    coolsol New Member

    I have 3 of them, well 92's does yours have just a low range? Or can you select Hi range? The reason I was asking is there is a C clip on the shifting fork shaft for the Hi Low range in the transfer case, and there is an access plate on the left side top of the transfer case, remove it and it will give you access to that clip, once removed you will have a functioning Hi range, and it will go twice as fast.
    There is also a switch on the speed limiter that will change when the rev limiter comes on.
  4. gotcha12

    gotcha12 New Member

    do you have any pic on what to remove to make it go faster
  5. coolsol

    coolsol New Member

    No, I never took any pictures while I was removing the C clip, I just never thought about it, I do know now, it can be done with the engine and trans still in the vehicle, the first time I did it I had them out, and the next two I did on my car hoist, and though its a bit tight, it can be done.
  6. gotcha12

    gotcha12 New Member

    how fast does it go was it hard to take them off where are they located
  7. coolsol

    coolsol New Member

    Well it took about 45 minutes to do, keep in mind I did it in my shop with a car hoist, your time may vary. To disconnect the speed limiter is the easy part, just remove the sensor that goes between the speedo cable and the transfer case, and re- install the cable without it, I just zip tied it up out of the way.
    As for the C clip that prevents it from going into Hi range, on two of them I have done it while the engine was in place and the other I did with the engine out, to start, you will need to remove the exhaust, from the manifold and take it out, you will need the room, next remove the inspection cover, then take a long pair of needle nose pliers, and reach all the way back to the rod the shifting fork rides on, its hard to see, you will need to get up into a position were you can look into the inspection cover to see the C clip, not all together easy, that's why you will need to remove the exhaust. Oh and you may need to rotate the C clip into a position that will allow you to pull the C clip toward you to remove it, i.e. the open side of the C clip to the right side of the transfer case, be sure to grip it tight, you do not want to drop it into the transfer case and give it a good pull, and it should pop right out. The Hi Low lever next too the park break should now be free to shift into Hi range, by pulling it all the way up.
    As for how much faster it is, I have had it well over 55, though the speedo is only good to 25 mph, I must say, at that speed though the stock tires are just a little scary, something I'm about to correct on mine.
  8. govenor

    I recently got a 1995 Diahatsu hijet, read several posts about how to disable governor.
    my HiJet semed to gear down at 25mph, I tried taking it out of gear when coasting down hill and it would shut down.. Bummer...
    In my case what I did was find where the speedo cable connected to the transfer case. The cable connected to a small rectangular box , then to the case. it also had a wire connected to it. I unscrewed the collar thet attatched to the case , there was a flat piece of metal about 1 inch long and 1/8 inch wide. I removed it , it goes a lot faster and I no longer have a speed govenor problem. I can not tell you exactly how fast it goes know because the speedometer no longer registers.
  9. Telopez87

    Telopez87 New Member

    Does anybody know where and how to disable the governor on a 2022 Suzuki Super Stalker?
  10. Tripthyme

    Tripthyme Member Supporting Member

    If you have a manual or parts diagram your looking for "speed limiter" on my 1991 daihatsu hijet s83p its on the carburetor and you drill it out, put a nail in its place and silicone in.

    Edit. Its a sensor you unscrew it then drill the center out, fill with a nail and silicone to seal it back up. Could also be called fuel limiter. This is all daihatsu hijet knowledge tho.

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