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Removing carb

Discussion in 'Daihatsu Hi jet References' started by socsmm6, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. socsmm6

    socsmm6 Member

    trying to get the hijet running again after it set up for a couple of years. I have spark, fuel pump works, and will run on starter fluid. Fuel just won't go into the carb. I'm wanting to take it off a clean it, probably rebuild.
    I can't seem to find the bolts that remove it from the intake. Anybody help me out?
    Early 90's 660 engine. Pretty sure it's the s83.
  2. Steve S83

    Steve S83 Member

    We're you able to locate the bolts? I have the same issue. I found one on top but I assume there is more than one.

  3. socsmm6

    socsmm6 Member

    Yes, there is a stud sticking out that takes an Allen wrench to turn it. Lower left hand side. Diagonal to the bolt you found
  4. Steve S83

    Steve S83 Member

    Awesome. Thank you. I differed there had to be two. Did you pull your carb off and clean it? If so can you tell me what you did? I snapped the timing belt and bent some valves so after a head job, new water pump, gaskets belts etc... I'm having issues that seem to be fuel air related. The carb is 25 years old and after sitting in customs I'm sure trhere is some gunk or maybe something else. The auto choke spring is busted so I'm thinking about just buying another new carb.

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