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Registering a Carry in New York ?

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Greg Gorton, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Greg Gorton

    Greg Gorton New Member

    Has anyone been successful getting their Carry registered for on road use in New York?
    If so some guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. mr.mindless

    mr.mindless Member

    what year and what paperwork do you have?
    I had an expired transferable NH registration. With that, a VIN rubbing, a weight slip, and a bill of sale, I got a NY title & registration. I'm coming up on 2 years, my truck is a '91 if I recall correctly.
  3. Greg Gorton

    Greg Gorton New Member

    I was looking at a 1991 Suzuki Carry imported directly from Japan.
  4. matt167

    matt167 Member

    You need 4-5 things.. I did this over the summer on a '92 Carry

    Export Cert + Translated Export cert ( supposed to be certified although mine was not )
    CBP-7501 customs form. They want an original, but Customs does not give originals in most cases. They will accept what you have or find a DMV that will.
    HS7 decleration and then the EPA reg forms.. Not required in NY but, looks good to them
    Picture, or rubbing of the VIN from the drivers inner wheel well.

    Then you need proof of insurance and all the standard forms. I can list them, but you know what they are

    All my forms were given to me electronically and they did accept that.

    Plan on a couple hours in the DMV, and being " That Guy " they talk about at lunch. But you will get it. State Farm had no trouble with insurance FWIW.
  5. Greg Gorton

    Greg Gorton New Member

    All info appreciated..... now that I know it is possible I will be making a purchase. It's a great run around vehicle! Do you drive yours often? How does it handle snow in 4 wheel drive ? In thinking some agreesive tread tires and maybe a plow
  6. matt167

    matt167 Member

    I have not had it in snow yet but it drives up slick dirt roads just fine in 4x4 with the Yokohama YS372 all season tires I have on it. Mine is actually my daily driver. For the winter I'm getting a set of snow tires in a 155/70/13 mounted on Geo Metro rims. There really isn't a DOT rated aggressive tire available. I personally would not put a plow on one. They make them, but the frames are sheet metal. It isn't designed for the abuse

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