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Rear springs, just a little lift

Discussion in 'Honda Acty' started by Ravk, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Ravk

    Ravk Member

    Here we go again, springs are done elsewhere in the forum but what about the rear leaf springs? This worked for me and may work for other models.
    Since my 89 Acty was lowered by cutting the springs and removing 3 out of the 4 leaves in the rear, now its time to restore the capacity in the rear.
    With only one main leaf, flat as a board, here is what I did.
    I picked up a set of 1750# trailer springs from Princess Auto (I know, only in Canada, Eh? Check your local trailer supply.) for $19.95 each on special.
    Using a pair of "C" clamps to hold the spring pack, remove the center bolt and relieve the pressure to take apart the pack.
    I cut off the eyes on the end and removed the smallest leaf to fit the original bolts. I used a pair of "C" clamps again to press the springs together and reinserted the center bolt. Reattach the springs and see your results.

    The springs I chose have a longer arch than the originals giving me a 3 inch lift.
    Not bad for $40:cool:

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  2. gbrad

    gbrad Member

    Hi Ravk,

    Great idea! I thought about this also a while back and found that Tractor Supply, or Northern Hydralic stores are also a good source for low cost trailer spring packs here in the states.

  3. greg0187

    greg0187 Moderator Staff Member

    Ditto on the TSC.

    $40 is a good price. What did you do about longer U-bolts?

  4. Ravk

    Ravk Member

    u bolts

    Longer ubolts were not needed. The spring pack was the same size with a better arch. I removed the smallest spring because it was the same size as the base plate.
  5. How does this effect the CV axles? I thought that Actys couldn't be lifted because the CV axle angles would be to much.
  6. Ravk

    Ravk Member

    There is no binding on the CV joints, but I would not go any taller.
    The lift allows me to go to regular 165/65 R14 on Jetta rims (front needs a 1/4" spacer)
  7. I mounted up a 175/65R14 on a set of Civic rims and was able to put them on my stock Acty with no rubbing. The front tire was close to the strut but never rubbed.
  8. hayseed

    hayseed New Member

    How tall is that tire combo? Also, curious about weight and whether you used an aluminum or steel rim? Thanks.

  9. I used a steel wheel but can also get aluminum. The weight of the steel wheel and tire has no effect on the truck. A 175/65R14 has a diameter of 23".

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