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Pushbutton 4WD

Discussion in 'Suzuki Carry' started by Qarle, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Qarle

    Qarle New Member

    Does Zuki make a pushbutton or manual shift 4WD? if not, does anyone?
  2. Cape Ape

    Cape Ape Member

    push button

    Subaru, Mitsubishi and Daihatsu all make push button 4wd. On both the Mitsubishi and Daihatsu H/L range is manually selected. Suzuki (and Mazda) are manually engaged.
  3. Qarle

    Qarle New Member

    Ok, thanks for the help.
  4. subiemech85

    subiemech85 New Member

    daihatsu pushbutton

    suzuki lever 2wd-4wd, low gear only in 4wd, dif. lock pushbutton

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