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Discussion in 'Mini Truck Spottings' started by chickendumpling, Mar 10, 2010.

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  2. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    My wife thought it was just "too weird" that I recognized the main character's parent's car as an Audi A4 in Miazaki's "Spirited Away". :D
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  3. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    saw it at walmart. was tempted to add to the collection...

    only have one rack in this old picture. and only dvd's..
  4. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    spirited away is a great movie......cool cars in initial d as well(lots of mini trucks and vans in the backgrounds as well):D
    Whats your favorite series Stuff?? I fell in love with Japanese anime in art school ,so complex and so many layers of movement.
    Redone battleship Yamato http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLL4P5OihPo
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  5. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    im all about Ghost in the Shell. that and the miazaki movies like spririted away, porco rosso, cat returns, howl's moving castle etc. great stories!

    initial d was okay but the animation of people was so horrid i couldnt watch it. the movie was looking awesome but they filmed it in CHINA in CHINESE... major disappointment.

    also love cromartie high school and other 'crack' anime's.

    biggest piece of 'geekery' i have for anime is a die cast model of a tachikoma spider tank from GITS. box is about a foot and a half square. lights up etc to. wasnt the one i thought it was when i got it. there is a USB one that moves and talks and dances on your desktop.

    oh and all time favorite series just for S&Giggles is "Crayon Shin-chan". that little bugger has the dirtiest mind and says the darndest things!! try finding the movie "the adult empire strikes back" lol. i also have a cosplay outfit of him :p
  6. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Actually, my favorite is Totoro....no cars whatsoever in that movie unless you count 3 wheeled "moving trucks", a public bus, and, of course, the "Nekobasu". :D


    Part of it is that I'm a sentimental father of two daughters and it's such a sweet story.
  7. fupabox

    fupabox Active Member

    Cowboy Bebop, and Death Note also favs...."Kikis delivery service" is a great one for kids as well....I agree with you Stuff the Initial D movie in Chinese was a complete disaster..the only reason I loved the original series was that it was all about the cars and everthing about them was accurately portrayed..I wish I still had my 24" yamato model (I took so much time to light it and airbrush it ) Then I blew it up with an M60 several years later along with my Spaceshuttle model :frustration::(
  8. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    hehe somewhere i have a 'drivers license' for the inital d arcade game. it kept your car and upgrades on it through a magnetic strip. very fun times in uni :D

    yes i got the VHD series, ninja scroll somewhere, slayers, akira (even had some action figures), all of Burn Up! series, oh my goddess, Big O (which is like batman meets giant robots lol).

    one series you car guys would like is eX-Driver.

    "In the world, a 100 years in the future, no one drives cars — instead, computer-controlled, electrically powered "AI cars" automatically take you where you want to go. However, when the AI cars mysteriously start to run amok, an organization called eX-Driver is established to figure out why.
    Although no one in this world knows how to drive, there are some people, who seem to have an instinctive ability to drive old-fashioned, gasoline-powered cars, thus earning an eX license. Two friends — Risa, a straightforward and cheerful girl, and Rona, a calm and easygoing type — already keep the roads safe as professional eX-Drivers."


    there is lotus europa, lotus super 7, subaru imprezza?, even a diahatsu midget 2 :p

    Im a fan of the classics like Cowboy bebop, Trigun, Those who hunt elves, Ramna 1/2, Kimagari orange road, etc.

    I have 2.05tb of anime on my computer btw :p most is old school stuff you cannot find.
  9. Acerguy

    Acerguy Moderator Staff Member

    Is that who's working on the Toyota recall right now? :D
  10. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    one guy i know in denver has shelfs and shelfs of action figures. i have the one tachikoma, one of the major from gits and a robotech fighter. bout all i will ever get. and heck, if the right price came for the tachikoma i would part lol.

    initial D


    full metal alchemist :p
  11. tubaman

    tubaman New Member

    i've also got a classics anime disease and i'm at 3 tb of anime and i've also considered buying the usb tachikoma. it all started with slayers on vhs back 11 years ago... :pop: i have card captor sakura episodes that are a whopping 60mb in size and my girlfriend has the sailor moon series' on tape and the wands imported from japan, and my favorite all time has got to be tenci muyo,yes it's old but it was the 3rd series i watched after slayers and record of lodoss wars. anyone else out there tried the eva drinking game doing a shot "i mustn't run away" the last few episodes are hazy and i didn't remember the last episode... a friend advised me not to watch lain drunk or high... he had nightmares for a month. i'm sort of a huge sponge absorbing everything i see:sly: and my desktop on my work machine is a super 7 r500 ultralite. i do have a complete collection of figures for ah my goddess. i'm shutting up now before i sound like a complete otaku.
  12. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    lol i was at that complete otaku stage before. heck even gone to ACen in Chicago about 5 times... now that is an experience for anime lovers!

  13. zardoz

    zardoz Member

    I haven't seen one yet in the toons I watch :( My daughter is a huge anime fan (went to anime north in TO a couple of years back) I'll have to get her to find me some anime with minis now ;) I do however watch a ton of travel shows (want to emigrate to Ecuador in the future) and see mini trucks all the time in MANY different countries. From what I've learned if/when we do move to Ecuador I can only import brand new vehicles or buy what is already there (can't bring my crunchy frog with me) so I suppose I'll just have to settle for a brand new mini! :!! :)

  14. Stuff99

    Stuff99 Active Member Staff Member

    ive heard of anime north, but have been down right scared to drive into the downtown of torontah

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